Are TAs paid for their work? If so, how much?

Are TAs paid for their work? If so, how much?
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Bioengineering Graduate Teaching Assistant at UC San Diego

almost 3 years ago
As a TA within the Bioengineering department, you can expect a different compensation depending upon the degree you are pursuing and your department. If you are a Bioengineering MS student, you can expect to have your tuition waived with an additional stipend of about $1,000 per month. In the case that you are a Bioengineering PhD student, you are expected to complete multiple quarters as a TA for which you will obtain course credit. Any additional quarters spent as a TA after this point will provide additional funds as opposed to solely course credit. If you are applying from outside of the Bioengineering department, contact your department advisor to better find out how you might be compensated.
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