Pros and cons working as a photo/video editor?

Pros and cons working as a photo/video editor?
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over 2 years ago
Honestly I felt the whole experience there was just about nothing but positive. I walked out of there will a FULL knowledge of how to work Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw- like I have it mastered. The fact that I walked out of there with so much experience and tools under my belt to me, is priceless. The working environment is extremely calm and it makes it easy to want to go in. He was so helpful with questions and me asking for help, because it just makes you better. He was also extremely open to giving me more responsibility, more opportunities and he was always teaching me something new. As long as you’re helpful, you don’t goof off and you show that you care, you’ll be fine. Sometimes of course things can get overwhelming or frustrating, but it’s just a matter of learning.

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12 months ago
Editing is like slow cooking; you have gathered all of your footage (ingredients) and now it needs to get ready for public consumption. So, you gut it, clean it, color correct it, add audio,
The atmosphere is often Much more relaxed than being on set. There is less safety to worry about, just ensure there’s no food or drinks by the computer.
Things can get hectic, and stressful, when editing software crashes. And it will crash. It will get hectic when rendering fails. The day before the deadline is going to be hectic.
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