What does a Customer Experience Specialist do at Tesla?

What does a Customer Experience Specialist do at Tesla?
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Former Customer Experience Specialist at Tesla

about 2 years ago
As a CES, you are the face of the showroom. You are required to greet anyone who enters the showroom within 10 seconds or 10 feet and engage them in conversation with the goal of the interaction being a lead. A lead is an email/phone number/scheduled test drive from the customer. Your manager will set a goal for the number of leads, phone calls, and emails you have to get done in a workday. Depending on where you work, you may have to make 150+ emails, 150+ calls, and at least 15 leads in a single day. A CES cannot sell a Tesla, just inform the customer about Tesla and gather their information for follow up. The days are long and stressful. I worked at the Natick, MA store where we saw anywhere between 1,000-4,000+ customers in a day. The DC CityCenter store saw barely 20 people a day. As stated above, your day will consist of standing in the showroom talking to every customer who comes in, making phone calls, sending emails, cleaning the showroom/cars, and depending on the store you may have to do test drives. There is a high turn over rate at Tesla stores which can lead to you having to take on responsibilities that are not associated with your job title.
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