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Laboratory Animal Technician I

To Apply:  We want to let you know up front that we use Scismic to help us pre-screen and qualify candidates.  To apply, we are asking you to complete a profile on to help us determine your fit for this role.  Start that process here.


Who we are:

Our company is seeking a highly motivated, innovative and experienced full-time animal technician to contribute to their Genetically Engineered Animal Models research and product development pipelines. Successful candidates will be part of an innovative and creative team with the opportunity to apply your creativity to the company's core vision.  A positive attitude, proficient communication skills, along with the ability to learn quickly are required attributes. 

Suitable candidates must have experience with transgenic mice and/or higher organisms such as rats and basic molecular biology techniques. You must have professional and scientific skills and knowledge in the specified area(s) and be willing to engage and stay abreast with current developments and trends arising in the field. Good knowledge of scientific principles, methods and processes (technical and/or theoretical) used to conduct systematic and objective inquiry, methods of data collection and analyses, and interpreting and reporting results are required, as well as the ability to operate instruments and equipment and proficiency in related information technology including Microsoft Office, VectorNTI, etc. 


To be successful you will need:


  • BS in Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology or related fields
  • A minimum of 1-3 years of experience working in industry or in academia
  • Basic scientific calculation (such as weight volume concentration, molar concentration, etc.)


Essential skills and experience

  • Experience handling mice and rats is required
  • Experience with mouse and/or animal colony management
  • Experience with genotyping samples (tails, ears, etc.)
  • Experience with performing mouse surgeries
  • Familiarity with protocol submissions under IRB
  • Experience with molecular cloning
  • Experience handling ES cells and transgenic mice, including analyzing and quantitating data from experiments is highly desired
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Interact with all individuals in productive ways to enhance the company's goals and core vision. Show respect and maintain a professional attitude to all lab members and outside collaborators



  • Prepare surgical area, including preparation and sterilization of surgical instruments and supplies
  • Assist with surgical procedures, including administration and monitoring anesthesia
  • Provide postoperative care and treatments as described
  • Maintain a variety of animal, procedural and study records
  • Perform needed PCR for animal colony
  • Assist in breeding and maintaining of rodent colonies
  • Assist/Perform a variety of injection and blood draw procedures for rodents
  • Provide enrichment to rodent colony


Additional skills valuable to the company

  • Working knowledge of RNA interference, shRNA and/or siRNA , as well as, gene editing techniques including homologous recombination and CRISPR, and their applications to study gene function
  • 1 year of animal experience preferred
  • Experience with performing rat surgeries. Surgical assistance experience is preferred
  • Experience with injection methods in mice and rats preferred
  • Experience with western blots
  • Knowledge to perform transfections of various cell lines
  • Flow cytometry experience


Salary Range

  • $50k-$60k/year