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Air Resources Engineer

This position can be located in Sacramento or Riverside County.

If you have expertise regarding diesel engines/equipment and/or emission control technologies, good communication skills, and a desire to cut pollution, then this position may be a perfect career fit for you. The Off-Road Control Section within the Mobile Source Regulatory Development Branch in the Mobile Source Control Division is looking for a motivated Air Resources Engineer with the technical background and ability to work with a team of engineers and scientists in developing new stringent emissions compliance standards and test procedures for off-road diesel engines.  The Section will also be helping achieve the goals of Governor's Executive Order N-79-20, including a transition to zero-emission off-road vehicles and equipment by 2035, where feasible.

Under the supervision of an ARS1, the incumbent will work on preparing regulations, technical reports, cost analysis, and participating in off-road demonstrations to reduce emissions from off-road diesel engines and equipment. The incumbent's main focus will be to work with a team of Air Resources Engineers and Air Pollution Specialists in amending the Off-Road Diesel Engine Emission Standard (Tier 5 criteria pollutants and carbon dioxide standard) and the spark-ignition recreation marine vessel emission standards. Key tasks will include evaluating technologies for controlling criteria pollutants and carbon dioxide from off-road diesel engines, conducting cost benefit analysis and emission benefits for possible elements including adoption of a low load cycle, idle stop-start provisions, lengthening useful life, on-board diagnostics (OBD), an off-road in-use compliance program, and warranty extension. Additionally, the incumbent will help determine the degree of emissions control achievable using state-of-the-art diesel-related technological information obtained from reviewing literature and reports; meeting and corresponding with industry, trade associations, and governmental agencies; and developing/overseeing diesel-related demonstrations projects, studies, and surveys.  The incumbent will also help develop the appropriate regulatory measures by conducting workshops and meetings, drafting regulatory concepts and proposals and vetting them at workshops, conferences, and other venues, and following them through the public Board hearing process.  

The Air Resources Board is a nationally and internationally recognized air pollution control agency.  The Mobile Source Control Division is responsible for developing statewide programs and strategies to reduce the emission of smog-forming pollutants, greenhouse gases, and toxics from mobile sources. These include both on- and off-road sources, such as passenger cars, on-highway trucks and buses, off-road heavy-duty diesel construction equipment, and recreational marine vessels.

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Working Conditions


The positions at the CARB may be eligible for telework with in-person attendance based on the operational needs of the position under Government Code 14200 for eligible applicants residing in California, subject to the candidate meeting telework eligibility criteria set forth in the CalEPA telework policy and/or future program need. Employees not residing in California are not eligible for telework. Regardless of hybrid telework eligibility, all employees may be required to report to the position’s designated headquarters location at their own expense, as indicated on their duty statement.

  • Requires being in a stationary position, consistent with office work, for extended periods. 
  • Daily use of a personal computer, office equipment, and/or telephone. 
  • Position located in a high-rise building.