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STEP - Computer Science Lab Assistant

This position is designed to help students solve hands-on, programming problems in the laboratory sessions of a Computer Science course (e.g., CS 125, CS 142, CS 221, CS 262, CS271, and CS 341). The lab assistant will collaborate with the instructor to respond to student questions in the lab. The lab assistant may also be expected to help with the grading of student submissions for the lab exercises. 

Qualifications for this position include having completed the course with a grade of B+ or better or demonstrating familiarity with material/concepts/skills that go much beyond the contents of the course.

Essential Learning Outcomes addressed:  Written and oral communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving

Assist the professor with their lab sessions of a Computer Science course one hour per week. At the end of their employment, the students will write a short essay describing the extent to which they developed their oral communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills using examples from actual interactions with students.