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Democracy Building in Kosovo - Youth Empowerment & Media Literacy

Information Integrity

Misinformation & Disinformation in the Media

Intern with an international or a local non-profit organization committed to building a democratic society by increasing citizen participation in political processes, increasing accountability and influencing decision-making processes. 

The organizations aims to contribute to the creation of good practices for good governance by public institutions at central and local levels, strengthen the rule of law, advance political parties, and support free and fair electoral processes. They undertake initiatives aimed at bringing decision-makers closer to the citizens through policy research, facilitation of dialogue or communication and public education. The staff has ethnic diversity where each of them advocate for the promotion of democratic values ​​and practices, thus strengthening the voice of Kosovar society.

Misinformation/disinformation is a major threat for Kosovo’s democracy and national security. Foreign malign influence, lack of media literacy, and polarization of political events and elections weaken citizens’ access to information, undermining their ability to make informed decisions. The rapid spread of dis/misinformation can trigger violence and increasing tensions in the region.

The Isla Intern will provide support to one or more of the following  tasks and activities:

  1. General tasks The intern will shadow Project Managers of different projects in meetings in which the spoken language is English and/or there is translation available. The intern will take part in field activities with relevant Project Coordinators and Field Monitors, including public discussions with citizens within different projects that target community engagement (even if there is no translation into English available,
  2. Support two ongoing initiatives/projects  Strengthening the oversight role of the parliament and empowering youth to seek accountability toward elected officials (funded by the National Endowment for Democracy) 

The Intern will: 

  • Work with the Project Manager to strengthen the monitoring system for the work of interns placed at the Kosovo Assembly.
  • Research good practices of developed countries for monitoring the implementation of laws – The Project Manager will provide guidance and monitor the research process; The Project Manager will receive the research report at the end of the internship.
  • The misinformation/disinformation index for Kosovo is a focus area of the organization and is interest and growing its expertise. Additionally, a platform has been created  to educate youth in media literacy called Fake News.
  • Analyze, research, and provide innovative ideas for enriching the section of the platform related to media literacy.
  • Provide ideas for developing new modules for detecting fake news, misinformation, and disinformation, as tools for educating youth in media literacy.

What are we looking for in an intern for this project?

Isla is looking for interns who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree or a young professional studying or working in international studies or affairs, political science, social sciences, media studies and communications and/or other related fields and skills. This is a wonderful opportunity to complete academic credit, practicum, research, or capstone project requirements towards undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

All Isla internships are customized to your particular academic interests and skill set. Please note, it is the responsibility of the intern to check with their institution to be sure that, as a student, all requirements are met before they accept an Isla internship position.

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