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Summer 2024 - Summer Conference Assistant (CA)

 Brief Job Description & Related Information

The Conference Assistant (CA) is responsive to the needs of various conferences and camps brought to the KU campus through the Office of Conference & Event Services. The CA must be a live-in staff member. Only those able to reside on campus in a residence hall will be considered. It is imperative that the CA can commit to work from approximately 5/20/24 through 8/05/24.  In addition, while not required, a valid driver’s license is preferred.

The CA’s responsibilities do not allow them to take classes during the summer sessions (with the exception of online classes with approval from the Coordinator). If online classes are taken by the CA, the Office of Conference & Event Services cannot provide tuition remission. You will be responsible for all tuition and associated fees.  


Housing:      Single room in a Golden Bear Village South suite as assigned by Coordinator

Meals:           A meal plan at the SDH while employed and food service is open

Salary:           $3,000.00 stipend                    

Extended job description:  

Pre-conference - The CAs will be conducting damage checks in all of the buildings at the beginning of the summer before the first conference arrives and before each subsequent conference ensues. This includes room checks, bathrooms, lounges, etc. The CA will also be responsible to make sure specific set-ups are completed and that the necessary equipment or supplies are available to the building or provided to the camp directors prior to the start of each camp. The CAs are also required to make sure that the proper informational signs are posted and maintained in residence halls at all times.

Conference – The CAs will be managing all camp check-ins (there could be several check-ins occurring simultaneously). This may include guest room assignments, the transfer of keys to individuals residing in residence halls, problem solving, etc. 

In addition, at all times there will be two CAs on campus duty who will be responsible for all aspects of the conference program. This includes doing campus-wide rounds to make sure that the CA staff, University staff and the camp directors are able to function according to their needs. The CA is responsible to make sure procedures are followed and policies are enforced to the best interest of the University.  

Post-conference - The CAs are responsible for overseeing/staffing all of the camp check-outs. Guests will need to check out and return keys, etc. Additionally, the CA is responsible for completing all post camp processes (paperwork, damages, equipment return, etc), so the residence hall is prepared for the next camp. The CAs are not respnsible for cleaning the facilities.

TrainingAll CAs will be required to attend staff training beginning on or around May 20, 2024.  During training each CA will be given instruction on performing their jobs along with complete Conference & Event Services manuals to use as a reference tool. There are many more details that will be discussed during the training period. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Conference & Event Services for clarification.

Key characteristics:

* Ability to optimistically engage with diverse populations.

* Good business, professional and in-person mannerisms; friendly and helpful to guests and staff; enthusiastic.

* Ability to do physical labor (lifting/moving of tables, chairs, dorm room furniture, audiovisual equipment, linens, etc.).

* Patience, understanding and ability to take a firm position when needed (a tolerance for frequent interruptions).

* Ability to spend periods of time without direct supervision and answer questions based on knowledge of camp/conference and campus policies, but also have the ability to work as part of team.

* Ability to be under pressure at times with a large number of guests.

* Must be flexible to accommodate the needs of the guests – since duties and groups may change frequently over the summer.