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Academic Mentor - Undergraduate Position


The mission of the Bepko Learning Center is to enhance the opportunities for undergraduate students to achieve educational goals and to assist in their development of academic skills through the guidance of more experienced, highly successful student peers. In doing so, we value our Center’s community by embracing all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our goals of helping students succeed.

Job Description:

The role of the Academic Mentor is to provide students with a structured, collaborative learning environment and activities which will help them achieve academic success in traditionally challenging courses.


·        Maintain a minimum cumulative and semester GPA of 3.0

·        Receive a B+ or better in the course you will mentor

·        Attend the lecture every week for the class you will be mentoring

·        Conduct weekly mentoring sessions

·        Regular meetings with coordinators, directors, and course faculty

·        Attend all trainings, events, and meetings throughout the semester

·        Complete all assignments in Canvas 

UCOL Course Requirements:

  • Register for a one credit hour course after being accepted as an Academic Mentor
  • Complete submissions of mentoring development assignments
  • Regularly attend UCOL courses

Session Requirements:

  • Be prepared to facilitate discussions on all course readings and material
  • Develop new, innovative, and collaborative activities to assist students' learning
  • Accept and embrace the quality and diversity of all students
  • Create a fun and interesting learning environment during the sessions
  • Submit session plans, observations, and any other required paperwork
  • Act as a program representative at all times and maintain student confidentiality
  • Track student attendance each week


  • Maintain an excellent working relationship with course instructor
  • Maintain communication with coordinators and directors via email and electronic invitations. This includes checking Canvas every weekday and responding to emails within an appropriate amount of time
  • Refer student concerns to the appropriate people as they arise

Learning Outcomes for Academic Mentors: 

  • Communicator: Builds communication skills by working with students
  • Problem Solver: Finds solutions to students concerns
  • Community Contributor: Creates a collaborative environment
  • Expand knowledge of course content helping achieve academic goals
  • Builds community in the classroom through rapport and collaboration

-This position is a semester long commitment

-Academic mentors are awarded a $1,200 scholarship and are paid $13.00 per hour