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Bachelor’s in Disability Call for Interns & Volunteers

Spring Positions open for 2023

Contact info:


Organization: Bachelor’s in Disability is a non-profit organization that works to eliminate the stigma around disability. Many people on our team identify as disabled and as part of the disability community. Our ultimate goal is to see the stereotypes that keep people from interacting with people who have disabilities, as well as keeping them out of the workforce, erased. We do this by giving disabled voices a platform to share their experiences and answer questions from non-disabled peers and employers.

Location: The position will be mostly remote with the possibility of wanting them to be there for any potential events (would likely be in the tri-state area). We are flexible and will speak with each candidate.

The Time Commitment: TBD - depending on the level which is required by your school or your needs. We are open to working with your schedule in order for all of us to achieve our hopes, goals and dreams.


Potential Intern and Volunteer Tasks: (this position is eligible for Community Service FWS)

Research: Conduct research on various topics related to disabilities, such as accessibility, disability rights, assistive technologies, or inclusive education. Compile and analyze information to support the organization's initiatives and programs. Research and start communications with organizations with goals in line with ours.

Program Support: Assist in organizing, advertising, and coordinating events such as a fundraising BBQ. Can also help in the planning of future unspecified events. Help with tasks relating to the Interview Video Campaign. An example of this would be looking up content creators that may be interested in connecting with us.

Fundraising: Contribute to fundraising efforts by helping to identify potential donors, preparing grant proposals, organizing fundraising events, or assisting with crowdfunding campaigns. This may also involve donor outreach and maintaining relationships with supporters.

Volunteer Coordination: Support the organization in managing volunteers by assisting with recruitment, training, and scheduling. Ensure that volunteers are aware of their roles and responsibilities and provide necessary resources to facilitate their engagement.

Advocacy and Awareness: Assist in developing and implementing advocacy campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness about disability-related issues. This may involve creating content for social media, writing articles, organizing awareness events.

Administrative Tasks: Help with day-to-day administrative duties, such as answering phone calls, responding to emails, organizing files, and maintaining databases. This allows the organization to function smoothly and efficiently.

Data Analysis: Assist in collecting and analyzing data related to the organization's programs and services. This may involve evaluating the impact of specific initiatives, identifying areas for improvement, and preparing reports to measure outcomes.


It's important to note that specific responsibilities may vary depending on the current projects or events we have in place. As a volunteer or intern, you will likely have the chance to gain valuable experience, contribute to meaningful work, and learn about the complexities and  challenges surrounding disability issues.