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Air Pollution Specialist

The Vapor Recovery Certification Section has an opening for an Air Pollution Specialist who will be assigned a wide variety of tasks that require technical and air pollution control knowledge. Typical assignments include: certification of vapor recovery systems; testing of hydrogen fueling stations; updating existing or developing new vapor recovery and stationary source test methods; assisting in the development of new and amendment of existing regulations for the control of emissions from gasoline marketing operations and stationary sources; observing and auditing tests conducted by private contractors; participating in the rulemaking process; and preparing technical support documents and/or test reports.


This position is well-suited for someone who enjoys working outdoors in a variety of field conditions and who favors hands-on activities such as installing and deploying instrumentation and using test equipment to quantify various air pollutants. The successful applicant must be physically able to: work in an industrial environment including exposure to air emissions, fumes, heat, and vehicle traffic; lift up to 50 pounds; climb and work at elevated heights; and handle heavy equipment and compressed gas cylinders. The successful applicant must be willing to travel at least 33 percent of the time (can be greater depending on the project) and must be willing to work irregular shifts including overnight and weekends. The travel and irregular work shifts are necessary to accommodate field testing schedules and equipment availability. This position will require the employee to pass a pre-placement physical examination as a condition of employment.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.


Working Conditions


The positions at the CARB may be eligible for telework with in-person attendance based on the operational needs of the position under Government Code 14200 for eligible applicants residing in California, subject to the candidate meeting telework eligibility criteria set forth in the CalEPA telework policy and/or future program need. Employees not residing in California are not eligible for telework. Regardless of hybrid telework eligibility, all employees may be required to report to the position’s designated headquarters location at their own expense, as indicated on their duty statement.

  • Standard office environment (for example, artificial lighting, controlled temperature, etc.).
  • Daily use of a personal computer, office equipment, and/or telephone.
  • Must be able to move/transport test equipment weighing up to 50 pounds, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • This position requires the successful applicant to work in a field environment including exposure to emissions, fumes, heat, and vehicle traffic. The successful applicant is required to take routine safety training courses including periodic refresher courses in first-aid/CPR, heat illness prevention, and fall protection. The successful applicant will be required to alter their work schedule due to travel and working at night or weekends to accommodate field work. While working in the field, the successful applicant may be required to wear personal protective equipment including, but not limited to, a hard hat, safety shoes, reflective vest, Nomex coveralls, hearing protection, gloves, and safety glasses.