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Art Educator and Counselor in a Residential Summer Camp

Love learning new skills, designing magical spaces, and bringing a world of creativity to youth? Interested in developing your art skills and growing into a leadership role with kids and adults in a personal and professionally growth centered community? We might just have the perfect internship for you! Apply to Camp Augusta’s summer internship program, and by the end of August, your resume could read:


Intensive Art Facilitator and Camp Counselor - Camp Augusta Summer 2024

After 300+ hours of dedicated training, including in intensive arts like blacksmithing, ceramics, glass working, jewelry smithing, and more, I acted as an arts domain leader as well as the primary caretaker for 5 campers with 24-hour responsibilities including behavior management and child development. Skills of practice include facilitation and debriefing, Non-Violent Communication, performance arts, 1st aid / emergency preparedness, and teaching various activity areas.


Camp Augusta runs over 30 different art activities at our camp, with many that are far and above most camps arts programs. The domain is managed by an Arts Director, who helps to train, manage, budgeting, and inventory for everything that goes into this domain. The main facilitators of these clinics are counselors, whose role is the bread and butter in bringing the art experience to campers in facilitation and mentorship. Both are directly involved in arts education, and an opportunity for professional development would be the counseling to arts director track. :)


We are also happy to co-design your internship (for credit) based on the skills and development you seek.

Some educational institutions require prior approval before the start of an internship. It is the responsibility of the student to check with their institution to be sure they meet any requirements before they accept a position.

Art Educator Skills and Qualities:

  • Love of Youth – Mentoring kiddos (and staff) in a safe, fun, and directed manner.
  • Organized – Keeping all the arts stocked, organized, systematized, and orderly.
  • Skilled Trainer – Oversee staff training for all arts clinics; training is purposeful and prepares staff well for teaching clinics, inviting collaboration and feedback into how each clinic is taught. Organizes ongoing staff training throughout the summer with the scheduler to continue the knowledge of arts throughout the community.
  • Skilled Manager – Joins clinics and gives feedback in constructive and compassionate ways to help staff improve their facilitation and the clinics.
  • Innovative – Sees further potential in existing activities – new methods and applications – and is able to take new visions and implement them thoroughly so they are regularly engaged with by campers.
  • Flexible and Friendly – When chaos happens (and it will) doesn’t get bogged down by clutter, choosing instead to celebrate the often messy process of creation at a summer camp.
  • Community-Minded – A creator of optimism and energy in the community.
  • Camp-Minded – Excitement to engage with the larger camp community to offer fun, memorable experiences even beyond the realm of the arts program (evening programs, story experiences, playstations, and more)


Minimum requirements

  • Must be at least 19 years of age by June 1st, 2024
  • Must be available during our summer dates: from May 13th to August 11th 2024
  • Ability to commit to 3-5 hours of pre-camp onboarding work a week from when you are hired to when you arrive, and maintain open and prompt communication about that work

Benefits of working at Camp Augusta: 

  • 300+ Hours of Experiential Training - Arts and Otherwise: Pre-arrival preparation and 3.5 weeks of on-site training, including:
  • 45+ hours learning your choice of activities within our 150+ clinic offerings - including ~30 arts clinics and 6 intensive arts like: Blacksmithing, Ceramics, Jewelry Smithing, Leatherworking, Lampworking, and Stained Glass.
  • 75+ hours of experiential learning in psychology-based philosophies and approaches
  • 180+ hours of learning camp by doing camp 
  • 9 Weeks of Summer Practicing: Being responsible for cabins of 5 campers at a time, and applying all the skills above to camp activities and discussions.
  • A Skilled & Dedicated Scaffolder: With no more than a 1:8 ratio, this person emphasizes your growth and works with you to develop your skills working with kids
  • Paid & Inclusive: All work includes freshly-prepared organic food, housing, and many more Perks and Benefits. Whatever your summer salary is, you'll walk away from the end of the summer with nearly all of that in your pocket, as well as much more value in your head, heart, and body.

Art Educator Positions:

  • The Counselor position offers a summer salary $4200, and includes a significant amount of learning, teaching, practicing, and getting involved in the many wonderful aspects of camp, with opportunities for growth into An Arts Director role in future years.
  • The Arts Director position, which pays $5k-$9k depending on experience and responsibilities is the manager and director of the arts program - for its success, development, organization, and facilitation.

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