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Science Teacher 2023-24 - Waldo

Science Teacher


Instructs students in the skills and processes of science commensurate with the level of course assignment(s).

Assigned Responsibilities

  1. Instructs students, by precept and example, in proper laboratory safety procedures.
  2. Differentiates between scientific hypothesis, theory, and law at appropriate points of instruction.
  3. Follows a regular and progressive sequence from concrete to abstract when developing concepts.
  4. Ensures that enabling terms or concepts are understood by students before they are used as part of a more complex task.
  5. Selects or designs and uses planned sequences of instruction to meet the intent of the course objectives.
  6. Matches activities and materials to individual and group skills and needs.
  7. Provides evidence of planning for the purposeful and safe conduct of any field trips.
  8. Identifies, diagnoses, and prescribes remediation for individual or group problems in assigned course work.
  9. Ensures that instructional activities and materials are clearly related to District, school, and department goals and objectives.
  10. Provides instruction based on designated instructional guides or develops alternate materials in prescribed District format.
  11. Maintains an orderly and supportive classroom environment in which students are actively participating and show respect for one another and for the teacher.
  12. Maximizes time when students are paying attention and working on tasks directly related to the subject matter.
  13. Conducts interesting and well-paced classes using a variety of instructional techniques, strategies, and materials appropriate to the lesson.
  14. Gives clear directions and makes sure students understand what to do before undertaking assignments.
  15. Assesses, keeps track of, and provides feedback promptly and often to students on their progress and assignments.
  16. Uses a grading system that is consistent, fair, and supportable.
  17. Selects and requisitions required equipment and supplies through the proper school and department channels.
  18. Ensures that supplies, books, and equipment are properly used, maintained and stored, and that inventory records are accurate and current.
  19. Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities as assigned.
  20. Participates cooperatively on school, area, and District-wide activities.
  21. Follows specified standards, policies, and procedures of the science staff, the building, and District.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Oregon Teaching Certificate valid for assignment.
  • Successful completion of a college level laboratory safety class or:
  • Pass a District-designed laboratory safety test by June 1, 1983, if employed in Salem's secondary science program as of September, 1981. If subsequently hired, the teacher must pass the test by June 1 of the second year of employment.

Start date: August 29, 2023

Type: Licensed 

FTE: 1.0 

Status: Permanent 

Salary is prorated based on FTE:  $45,478 – $89,512 (Salary is based on the 2022-23 schedule and is subject to change)

Application Procedure: Apply online

All Applicants, please note: If selected, you will be asked to participate in an interview process. Interviews are conducted virtually, in person, or via a one-way video. Please note interviews are a required part of the hiring process, non-compliance with the interview eliminates your eligibility for the position.

Salem-Keizer Public Schools does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veterans’ status, or other categories protected by ORS Chapter 659A.