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As an Officer in the Navy Dental Corps, you will serve your country by helping the men and
women who defend it – and others in need.
• Attend to Sailors, Marines and servicemembers – as well as their families
• Contribute to humanitarian missions in this country and virtually anywhere in the world
• Introduce oral care to parts of the world where dentistry is more a luxury than an expectation
• Share your skills in domestic outreach that benefits the young, elderly and underprivileged
You’ll spend quality time with patients, maintain a flexible schedule, and be free of malpractice
insurance, expensive equipment and paperwork that falls on your shoulders in private practice.

In the world of Navy Health Care, you can attain a broader spectrum of experience faster as you
find yourself at the forefront of the dental field. And wherever you serve, you’ll have the latest
high-tech equipment at your disposal, such as:
• Digital X-ray systems
• Innovative dental restoration materials
• Patented Forward Deployable Dental Dressing (FDDD)
• Video teleconferencing
• Saliva tests that can help detect exposure to life-threatening diseases,
such as tuberculosis and a
In the Navy Dental Corps, you will provide the best dental care available for Sailors, Marines,
servicemembers and their families, wherever duty calls, doing everything a typical dentist
would do:
• Perform checkups
• Fill cavities
• Offer preventive care
Plus, discover a more compassionate side of dentistry. That could mean contributing to
humanitarian relief efforts in this country or virtually anywhere in the world. Caring for those
who’ve never known the privilege of dental hygiene and educating people on the importance of
proper dental health.
As a Dental Officer, you may serve at any one of more than 250 Navy and medical facilities
around the globe, in some of the most dynamic environments imaginable – from Hawaii to
Japan; Germany to Guam; and Washington, D.C., to Washington state.
You could work at one of the highly acclaimed National Naval Medical Centers in Bethesda, MD;
Portsmouth, VA; and San Diego, CA. Or you could provide dental support to deployed troops aboard
one of two dedicated hospital ships: the USNS
and USNS
Still more health-care opportunities are available stateside and abroad in a variety of settings:
on board a surface ship, working closely with a nearby aircraft squadron, or even with the Fleet
Marine Force. No matter where you serve, you’ll provide leadership and expertise to support your
country, the men and women who defend it, their families, and others in need.
As an aspiring or established health-care professional, you have goals, obligations and
priorities. With that in mind, there are different ways that you can commit to practice your
profession in America’s Navy.
Active Duty Officers serve full-time.
This allows you to take full advantage of available
career and leadership opportunities. Enjoy the broadest range of benefits. And have the greatest
impact – while experiencing the travel and adventure possibilities to the utmost.
Reserve Officers serve part-time.
This way you can maintain a civilian career while serving as
few as two days a month and two weeks a year. With opportunities for additional service and pay.
With the possibility of arranging flexible drilling options to better meet service requirements.
While enjoying many of the same advantages and benefits of full-time service.
How long will you have to serve? The initial service requirement could be as few as three
It depends on your specialty and a variety of other factors.

A Medical Officer Recruiter can help you figure that out.

Navy Dentistry offers practice opportunities in more than a dozen
different focus areas, from general dentistry to advanced
specialties, including:
Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
Operative Dentistry
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
Oral Facial Pain Clinic
Oral Pathology
Oral Surgery
Public Health*
* To apply for selection into these specialties, you must first serve as a
practitioner of general dentistry.


Besides the unrivaled training and experience, there’s a great benefits package waiting for you
as an Officer:
With Active Duty service
– Look forward to a competitive salary with tax-free allowances for
housing and meals. 30 days’ vacation with pay earned every year. Plus comprehensive medical
and dental coverage (which includes family).
With Reserve service
– Benefit from supplemental income (the equivalent of four days’ pay
for only 16 hours worked each drill weekend and two weeks of paid training each year). Low-cost
life insurance options. Plus VA home loans (based on service commitment).
With either service option
– Receive scheduled pay raises, regular promotions and retirement
benefits. Tax-free shopping privileges at military stores and access to Officers’ clubs and
recreational facilities. Plus free or low-cost travel opportunities.
For the most current, comprehensive information about benefits and educational offers – and to
find out how they differ if you serve full-time or part-time – talk with a Medical Officer Recruiter.

Wherever you are in your dental career, the Navy can help ease your financial burdens and
advance your career with generous financial assistance and continuing education programs.
Available offers could consist of anything from scholarships to sign-on bonuses to loan
repayment assistance. And help could potentially be available whether you’re in graduate
school, in residency or already in practice.
Keep in mind: If you’re a student or resident, you can concentrate on your education or
training, with no military/training obligation until after your program is completed.

Students opting to serve full-time in the Navy can get dental school paid for. Attend a school of
your choice, and you may emerge debt-free.
With the
Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP),
you can receive 100% tuition
coverage during dental school, plus:
• A monthly stipend of $2,060 to help cover living expenses for up to 48 months
• A sign-on bonus of up to $20,000
With the
Navy Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP),
you may receive from $157,000 to
$269,000 while attending dental school. This includes:
• A monthly military salary
• A generous housing allowance*
• A comprehensive health-care benefits package
Offers have many variables. To get details and find out which offer would benefit you most,
contact a Medical Officer Recruiter.

* Navy HSCP housing allowance based on dental school location. Increased offer amounts available in areas with a higher
cost of living.
In the Navy, your extensive training, continuing education and
unrivaled experience as a dental professional will offer superior
career advancement opportunities that will pay off long after you
return to the civilian world.
Beyond your affiliation with a world-class health-care network, you
will take seasoned expertise, unmatched versatility and proven
management skills into the private sector. Your ability to work
effectively under pressure with a deep sense of pride and honor for
what you do will only make you stand out more – putting you in high
demand as a practicing dentist.



Residents opting to serve full-time in the Navy can get supplemental income in dental
residency through the
Navy Financial Assistance Program (FAP),
which may offer you
$275,000 or more during your dental residency. This includes:
• An annual grant of $45,000 for up to four years (on top of normal resident pay)
• A monthly stipend of $2,060 to help cover living expenses for up to 48 months
Residents opting to serve part-time as Reservists can get:
• A monthly stipend of $2,060 while completing a dental residency program*
• Plus up to $50,000 in dental school loan repayment assistance*
Offers have many variables. To get details, contact a Medical Officer Recruiter.

*Offers based on service commitment.

Practicing Professionals
Practicing dentists opting to serve full-time in the Navy can get help in the form of a financial
incentive. If you’re currently a practicing dentist, you may receive a sign-on bonus from $75,000
to $300,000* when you qualify.
Practicing dentists opting to serve part-time as Reservists can get a choice of any one of these
three generous financial offers:

• Up to $75,000 in specialty pay
• Up to $50,000 in dental school loan repayment assistance
• An immediate one-time sign-on bonus of up to $20,000

Offers have many variables. To get details, contact a Medical Officer Recruiter.

* Offer depends on specialty and service requirement.
† Offers cannot be combined and depend on specialty. Sign-on bonus offer option available only to those with prior
Navy experience (NAVET).
To qualify for Active Duty employment consideration in the Navy Dental Corps, you must:
• Be a U.S. citizen or a foreign citizen licensed to practice in the U.S.
(contact a Medical Officer Recruiter for details)
• Be a graduate of an eligible dental school approved by the American Dental Association
• Be licensed to practice in a U.S. state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of
Puerto Rico or a U.S. territory (new graduates must obtain a license within one year of
beginning Active Duty service)
• Be willing to serve a minimum of three years of Active Duty
• Be between the ages of 18 and 48
• Be in good physical condition and pass a full medical examination
Note that qualifications for part-time service as a dentist in the Navy Reserve may vary.
Contact a Medical Officer Recruiter for details.
Once you’re inspired, better informed and seriously interested,
here’s how to proceed:
• Ask all your questions
•  Discuss opportunities in your focus area, service commitment
details and service options
•  Go over available education opportunities for students,
residents and practicing professionals (depending on your
current status)
•  Provide personal information that includes birth certificate,
social security card, college transcripts, and professional and
licensure details (if applicable)
•  Pass a full medical examination
•  Participate in a precommitment interview
•  Accept an Officer commission in the Navy or Navy Reserve
– Newly commissioned Officers start by completing
Officer Development School (ODS) – a comprehensive
five-week course in Navy history, tradition and leadership
 Navy Reserve
– Newly commissioned Officers start by
completing Direct Commission Officer (DCO) School –
a basic 12-day course in Navy history, tradition
and leadership