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Paleoclimate Researcher

Job Description:
  • Student workers will assist with the preparation and analysis of sediment and water samples as part of ongoing global paleoclimate research.
  • Analyses will include geochemical, sedimentological, and isotopic analyses. Opportunities to participate in fieldwork will be available, but are not required for this position.
  • Hours are flexible, but at least 10 hr per week is desired.

Learning Outcomes:
In accordance with the IUPUI Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success, experience in this position will help students become acquainted with the following profiles:
·        Communicator – Communicators are mindful of themselves and others, observe, read thoughtfully, listen actively, ask questions, create messages with an awareness of diverse audiences, and collaborate with others and across cultures to build relationships.
·        Innovator – Innovators are good decision makers, can create a plan to achieve their goals, and can carry out that plan to its completion. Innovators use their knowledge and skills to address complex problems to make a difference in the civic life of communities and to address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues.