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Campus Co-Founder (Operations and Marketing Intern with Storage Scholars)

Job Overview:
Have you seen us on Shark Tank and want to be part of the next best start up? We are looking for Spring 2023 candidates that are gritty, tenacious, adaptable, persistent – these are the adjectives that describe the very best Storage Scholars Co-Founders. We are a quickly growing company that values both personal and professional growth for our entire team. If you thrive in fast-paced environments with a “do what it takes” philosophy, this is the place for you.

Co-Founders are the main point of contact with the Storage Scholars executive team, and you will learn A LOT working alongside us. You will learn how to think, act, and execute like a business owner. At the end of it all, we want you to leave us ready to start your own company – THAT IS OUR GOAL.

We take smart, hard-working people, and give them the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in the business world. What does that mean? We don’t have a boring skills test you need to pass during your interview. This isn’t finance recruitment or case prep. We look for people who fit our expanding company culture and are ready to learn.

So, what does it take to be a Storage Scholar?

Job Requirements:
·     freshman, sophomore, or junior at your university pursuing an undergraduate degree – all majors welcome to apply
·     an intense work ethic – we work until the job is done
·     a growth mindset – we want you to grow with the company
·     excellent problem solving skills – you must be able to think outside the box, and on your feet
·     leadership skills – you will be leading a group of your peers through the move-in and move-out process
·     exceptional communication skills – you interact with us, your customers, and your campus team constantly
·     a desire to learn – this role embodies “on-the-job” learning
·     high personal standards – everything we do is elite, and we expect your work to support that
·     the ability to hear and implement constructive feedback – on this team, we teach each other every single day
·     a high level of connectedness within your college campus – you are the boots on the ground marketing, and your campus success relies primarily on you
·     a jump right in, can-do attitude – “I can’t” is not in our team vocabulary

Job Responsibilities:
The internship program centers around 8 weeks of highly specialized training on a learning management system. You will work through weekly modules that instruct you on all aspects of our business, from back-end operations to client-facing interactions. Through this, you will gain exposure to high-level information as well as specific, complex processes. The LMS modules are manageable, but fast-paced: you must be able to absorb information quickly and efficiently to be successful. You must also demonstrate a strong personal responsibility for your learning. This isn’t school. There are no grades to measure your dedication, just the success of the business.
As you go through the training program, you will take on tasks outside of the modules. The first few weeks of your internship, these tasks will focus almost entirely on marketing and sales. You will network with students and parents, engage in tabling efforts on campus, speak to organizations and social groups, and more. Through these activities, you will develop the ability to efficiently and effectively communicate the value proposition of our service while successfully closing sales. Each week, you and your executive team lead will meet to discuss your training and evaluate your performance based on sales metrics. These metrics will be tracked throughout the sales period on your campus. At Storage Scholars, we set goals, and then we crush them. We have full faith that your performance will be no different in this regard.

After the sales period on your campus closes, the operations and logistics portion of your internship will begin. We are a service-based company that offers exceptionally convenient moving and storage for college students nationwide. In order to fulfill that purpose, we rely on the talent of exceptional students like you. If we had to summarize this portion of your internship in one sentence, we’d say that you “manage the process (from start to finish) of moving a student from their dorm to storage and back.” However, the operations side of the Co-Founder role is SO much more than just this. You are the point person and lead manager on your campus for everything related to getting students moved conveniently, efficiently, and successfully. What might that look like?

Imagine all of this... Students need boxes to pack their belongings in. These boxes need to get from our supplier to your campus prior to distribution. Once on campus, those boxes need to get from our trucks to students, and we need to know how many of our boxes each student is planning to store. From there, each student has items that need to be picked up, inventoried in our custom inventory system, and transported to storage. In order to get those items transported, you’ll need to pick up a moving truck to get belongings from point A to point B and back. Once in storage, we need a meticulous record of where every item in our possession is located within storage. This is just the start.

Of course, you won’t be able to do this alone. You have the support of Storage Scholars’ executive team, but you need physical labor to get all of this done. In the pursuit of our mission to develop the next generation of business leaders by providing meaningful job opportunities, we employ undergraduate students from your university to support you on the moving team. So, in addition to managing the high-level operations, you will also recruit and lead a team of your peers to make this all happen.

Sound like a lot? We know it does - and we know that the initial shock when looking at the scope of your responsibility can be overwhelming. We also know that you are capable of success in this role. We push you to success, never to defeat. Here you will shadow the life of an entrepreneur with the support of executive professionals who have walked in your shoes. In the role, you will have opportunities to connect with the highest tier of professionals (yes, the elusive C-suite). We’ve all done some or all of your role at some point, so we’re here to guide you and help you. Plus, it’s not our first rodeo. We’ve watched Co-Founder after Co-Founder come into this role at the same place you are and emerge with success they did not even know was possible. We are so excited for you to continue that track record of success.

So, are you ready to be our next Co-Founder?

This role demands your best input which we believe in rewarding. Our company was founded with the goal of reducing student debt through meaningful internship opportunities. As such, this role provides a competitive compensation package. The exact compensation varies from school to school, but on average, our Co-Founders make $17+ per hour they put in over the course of the semester.

In the past, dedicated Co-Founders have made thousands in a semester. We hope you blow them out of the water.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our past Co-Founders have to say!
“Storage Scholars provides students with the real opportunity to implement theoretical studies with real-life scenarios. It expanded my knowledge of marketing, management, and sales. I learned everything from graphic design to Excel formulas. Storage Scholars allows you to become a business person while still at school.”
-Carter Shannon, 2021 Campus Co-Founder

“The Co-Founder internship with Storage Scholars changed my life. It challenged me professionally like no other opportunity has, and it exposed me to a new side of the business world I didn’t know I enjoyed. I was trusted with a high-level of responsibility that pushed me to my full potential. If you are ready to commit to your professional success, this is the place for you.”
-Clare Mulholland, 2022 Campus Co-Founder

'The Co-Founder position is a wonderful opportunity for students to manage and lead. The position vastly improved my organization, creativity and leadership skills, while also allowing me to get to know hundreds of students that I helped move out and into their college living spaces. You are put in some high stress situations, but those situations are reflective of the business world and you become a better person personally and professionally because of it. Additionally, the compensation structure allows your pay to be a product of the work you put in. I am incredibly thankful for my time at Storage Scholars.'
-Holden Buchanan, 2022 Campus Co-Founder