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Police Investigative Accountant

This position classification differs from Accountant because of the distinguishing characteristics focus on law enforcement of organized criminal activity, including providing support for legal counsel and providing expert testimony in court as needed.
Duties include:
  • Investigates Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit targets to identify assets, co-conspirators, money laundering and scope of activity.
  • Utilize various databases and law enforcement information such as FinCEN to gather financial evidence related to crimes.
  • Conducts follow-up interview relating to asset seizures to assure successful forfeiture. 
  • Consults with Deputy District Attorney and defense attorneys to negotiate forfeiture settlements and stipulated judgments. 
  • Develops contacts in private enterprise to generate leads on criminal money laundering and drug cases; initiates cases for investigation.
  • Analyzes seized or subpoenaed financial records to establish that the subject’s assets were derived from drug trafficking. 
  • Develops and manages a computer database to track seized assets and their disposition.
  •  Collaborate with Business Services Division to track and audit forfeiture funds and reconcile balances; conduct periodic federal audits as required by US Department of Treasury and US Department of Justice.
  • Documents findings of investigation, makes case disposition recommendations, and assists in case presentation; prepares affidavits providing the basis for civil administrative forfeiture. 
  • Serves as expert witness to testify in court regarding analysis of financial records and transactions and their relationship to criminal activity. 
  • Instructs investigators and officers in elements of financial investigative techniques. 
  • Performs related duties as assigned.
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