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Explore taking your career further with one of the world’s most respected brands and one of the top automotive companies in North America! Toyota is growing and leading the way through innovations designed to enhance lives through forward-thinking mobility solutions. We are looking for diverse, highly motivated students who want to come grow and lead the change with us.
You will be working for the Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs function (SRA) of Toyota Motor North America (TMNA).
The SRA function is responsible for:
  1. Influencing and tracking all regulatory trends that impact Toyota’s products – safety, environment, chemicals, any regulations on vehicles.
  2. Ensuring compliance and certification to these regulatory requirements in our products.
3.    Managing all the sustainability efforts of Toyota in the US which include the Environmental Challenge 2050, the renewable energy generation portfolio, and site environmental efforts.  
In the Environmental Regulation area of SRA, possible activities would include:
  • Analyzing global vehicle electrification regulations,
  • Competitor research,
  • Conducting modelling assessments on vehicle engine technologies and their GHG and fuel economy performance, and
  • Collaborating closely with other teams across TMNA and Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan.
In the Compliance, Audit & Standards area of SRA, possible activities would include: 
  • Collaborating with our safety compliance or emissions certification teams to assess and achieve regulatory validation and reporting.
  • Engaging with industry partners to consensus upon national and global technical standards which guide implementation of future automotive technologies.
  • Supporting Toyota’s local vehicle development activities by providing regulatory guidance and needed approvals to proceed to manufacturing and sales.
  • Envisioning and co-creating IT solutions which automate and improve the efficiency of our workflows and the quality of our compliance information.
In the Chemical Management Office, possible activities would include:
  • Tracking and advocating Toyota's position for key regulations related to chemicals we use in products and operations.
  • Supporting Toyota's implementation of changeover to alternative chemicals to align with regulatory expectations.
  • Collaborating with Toyota’s supplier partners to continuously improve their chemical management infrastructure and systems, thus ensuring improved compliance standing for Toyota.
  • Envisioning and co-creating IT solutions which automate and improve the efficiency of our workflows and the quality of our compliance information
In the Energy and Environmental Research area of SRA, possible activities would include:
  • Track and analyze climate and carbon taxation policy trends that impact Toyota businesses and technologies. Collaborate with internal research teams to develop advocacy strategies and recommend countermeasures.
  • Support ongoing vehicle electrification, charging and battery analysis to identify and mitigate marketplace and compliance risks.
  • Collaborate with Toyota NA and Japan to support low-carbon fuel analysis and demonstration activities.
  • Analyze renewable electricity, power grid and utility trends to assess impact on Toyota’s products and carbon reduction objectives. 
In the Safety Regulation and Research area, possible activities would include:
  • Support Safety Regulation & Research group members on the preparation of information to IIHS and NHTSA related to safety assessment testing.
  • Research competitor trends related to safety assessment performance and technologies.
  • Conduct analysis and/or research on items to support Toyota’s activities with our trade association as needed.
  • Support Biomechanics/ADAS/ADS/ITS-related research and regulatory activities.
  • Report-out advanced safety research items from meetings, workshops, etc.
Location: This position will be in XXXXXX. A successful candidate will have:
·      Pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Engineering, or some equivalent technical area with a GPA of 2.7 or higher.
·      Experience with or a desire to gain experience in vehicle electrification regulations and legislation
·      Experience with or a desire to gain experience in vehicle safety and performance technologies
·      Experience with or a desire to gain experience in renewable electricity, power grid, utility, or low carbon fuel analysis
·      Experience with or a desire to gain experience in safety compliance, emissions certification, associated global technical standards, future vehicle technologies
·      Strong writing skills, presentation skills, interpersonal abilities, a cooperative attitude, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity.
Internship Eligibility:
TMNA SRA FY 24 Internship/Co-op candidates should have the following requirements
  • Must be pursuing an Environmental, Mechanical, Chemical, Materials or Electrical engineering degree, including Environmental Science or other STEM degree (junior, senior working towards bachelor's degree or working towards master's degree) 
  • Preferably with some background in or exposure to policy, political science, safety, sustainability