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Process Engineer

Process Engineer

Decatur, AL

Operations Manager

  • Develop technical mastery of the core production processes.
  • Learn all key safety items related to plant operations.
  • Learn all inputs, outputs and transformations of the process.
  • Learn how each basic component operates and its application in the process.
  • Learn all product quality parameters and specifications, and how each is measured.
  • Initiate and lead process and equipment improvements that will increase throughput, reduce scrap, improve quality and eliminate loss on the production lines.
  • Work with Area Leaders, Team Leaders and Maintenance to understand key losses and opportunities.
  • Review plant downtime regularly and lead efforts to reduce chronic downtime issues.
  • Own the plant Centerline System.
  • Identify key process variables and their impact on both the process and finished product quality. Help establish targets for key process variables.
  • Develop process control strategies for finished product quality targets.
  • Help train operating teams on operating procedures and methods as needed.
  • Understand SQMS Pillars and their respective tools and capabilities. Lead the Focused Improvement (FI) Pillar for the plant.
  • Participate in and support other Pillar activities as needed (e.g. AM CILs, PM Failure Analysis, etc.)
  • Become the plant Problem Solving champion.
  • Learn the multiple SQMS problem solving tools (e.g. why-why, fishbone, failure analysis, etc.) and understand which is appropriate for a given problem.
  • Coach and train others on effective use of problem solving (i.e. good problem statement, root cause vs. basic cause)
  • Support and/or lead initiative and capital projects as needed.
  • Participate as a project team member for key projects.
  • Lead portions of the CQV (Commissioning/Qualification/Verification) process.

  • A Bachelor's degree in Engineering is required

Professional Experience
  • Entry Level (0-1 years preferred)
  • Preference will be giving to candidates that have had Engineering focused experience (includes internship and/or co-op experience)

Desired skills/capabilities (must be able to learn skills not already mastered)
  • Consistent with J.M. Smucker basic beliefs, work effectively with individuals and teams
  • Problem solving – demonstrated ability to work a problem from problem statement development thru to root cause identification and systemic corrective action implementation
  • Design of Experiments and/or CQV – demonstrated ability to design and execute experiments and/or develop and execute Commissioning/Qualification/Verification plans
  • Daily Management Systems (DMS) – demonstrated ability to leverage daily management approach to own and manage a system to sustain delivery of expected results over time
  • Statistical lot quality analysis – demonstrated ability to develop a sampling plan, sample, analyze and draw statistically based conclusions
  • Initiative and follow thru – demonstrated ability to receive given basic coaching/direction and execute work assigned in an accurate and timely manner
  • Time management/prioritization – demonstrated ability to manage several tasks at a time thru to completion and meet the needs of multiple customers
  • Communication skills – proven ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally