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Freelancing Platform Coordinator and Appointment Setter for Nonprofit Prospects and Business Partners (100% remote, Part-time, Entry-Level)

Are you looking for a more meaningful career with flexible hours and fully remote participation? How about a career that helps non-profits grow and do good work around the country and the world? Nonprofits frequently pay companies to help them with advertising; we are a company with exciting new technologies for providing advertising services to mission driven organizations.

Who We Seek: We seek a business development specialist who is friendly, dependable, detail oriented, and would value that their work with us will help nonprofits do more good in the world. 
  • Remote from anywhere in the USA / participate from home
  • Part-time position (5-40 hours/week) with opportunities to move to full-time 
  • Some time will be dedicated for initial and ongoing training
  • Base monthly payment + commission. 
  • Company with a close-knit team of about 20 people
  • US Applicants Only

About the Position: Bashpole Software, Inc. seeks someone to set appointments with prospects through responding to requests for assistance and outreach to relevant persons via designated platforms. This position will include both responding to postings and reaching out to those who may benefit from our services. It will be your responsibility to identify relevant opportunities, send communications in a timely manner, and suggest improvements that could grow our client base.

In this position with Bashpole Software, Inc.’s division, you will use freelancing platforms to set up meetings with prospective clients and partners. You will draft new and edit existing message templates to reach out to prospective non profit clients and for profit partners. You will be responsible for the initial outreach to these prospects and follow-up until they have paid for our services or accepted a partnership and can be transitioned to the responsibility of another team at Bashpole. Every day, you will use our freelancing accounts to find and engage prospects who have mentioned a relevant interest, participate in a relevant discussion, or meet other criteria that suggests they may benefit from our services. 

We offer our services to nonprofits to maximize their audience and cause through advertising software and expertise. When you join our team, you must be willing to take the time to learn about our services and the nonprofit sector’s challenges and goals.You must be able to describe our services, what we can offer their company in terms of ROI, and why Bashpole Software is the best option for them. 

Being in this position requires someone who is eager to make an impact and take initiative to do so. This position requires someone that will be persistent, able to professionally communicate and follow-up with prospective clients until they decide that we are the best option to maximize their cause. We are looking for someone who has self-awareness, initiative, and a willingness to improve the systems we already have in place. We encourage and participate based on Continual Process Improvement and are looking for someone to contribute to that. 

This communication will primarily involve using and improving message templates and spreadsheets. Our goal is to serve as many good causes as possible. To do so, we need to put in place ways to operate efficiently while retaining high quality. Therefore, we ask everyone to both use and create templates for what they do. These are meant to enable us to perfect what we write and you will have the responsibility and opportunity to offer improvements so that these templates never constrain you, but instead they are meant to empower you and enable you to make a lasting benefit to the company, our clients, and their causes. By analogy, think about the roles that rhyme and rhythm can play in poetry: if you are both nuanced with language and enjoy the way that structure can help creativity flourish, then this position might be excellent for you. As such, this position will involve working with spreadsheets for ad templates, account data, reports, case studies, progress tracking, and more. You will also use a wide variety of Google products, including but limited to Sheets, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Gmail.

There will be weekly meetings with your team, as well as the opportunity to sit in on the sales and partnership meetings that you arrange, to develop the necessary skills for higher levels of responsibility with us. Within our company, there will also be opportunities to collaborate across teams. We foster a remote, warm, and welcoming community. 

  • See our Careers Page regarding ‘why us’, inspiration, and equality
  • Paid Time Off
  • Telecommuting and flextime options that allow you to work within within or beyond a typical 9-5 (EST) work day 
  • Encouraging and self-directed work environment that values your voice to be heard
  • Networking and virtual social opportunities with Bashpole’s team members 
  • Hired as an Independent Contractor, meaning that you will have full control over your paycheck without any deductions and the ability to work multiple jobs that are not in competition with your work at Bashpole
  • Career advancement opportunities at a small company that grows “to the side and underneath of you”, with multiple levels of promotion to grow into and strive for
  • Leadership and fulfilling mentorship opportunities to direct and supervise interns within your department
  • Professional development; receiving personalized, constructive feedback from the CEO of Bashpole, as well as having access to an exclusive “Rule of Thumb (RoT)” book that teaches graduates and new hires the secrets of succeeding in the professional world
  • Ability to take your work anywhere with an internet connection to improve quality of life and spark creativity (the beach, the park, a coffee shop, etc.) 
  • Ability to go to sleep each night knowing you make the world a better place by serving the nonprofit sector and maximizing the impact of a good cause 

  • Proficiency in Google Suite, specifically Google Sheets/Excel 
  • Familiar with freelancing platforms, such as, but not limited to, Alignable, UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and Craigslist
  • Experience with Google Suite platforms, especially Google Sheets/Excel 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to draft and edit message templates
  • Ability to have camera on during sales meetings and presentations, regardless if you are the main presenter 
  • Ability to manage and direct interns to assist in appointment setting and coordinating sales meetings
  • Have a home office environment conducive to productivity and experience working in a virtual office, including but not limited to a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a headset for conference calls, and a decent computer
  • Ability and unwavering willingness to serve all constituencies without bias (including, without limitation, bias based on race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, or national origin)

  • Understanding of ROI and how to estimate it
  • Background in customer support
  • Experience in marketing or the sales of advertising services and expertise 
  • Experience in a sales position on behalf of mission and purpose-driven organizations
  • Knowledge of SEM in general and how to optimize campaigns settings, keyword strategies, etc. to maximize conversions
  • Degree in business administration, sales, or related

About, a Division of Bashpole Software, Inc. 

Our customers are non-profits who are raising awareness about their causes by generating event sign-ups, asking for donations, inviting people to join newsletters, promoting events, recruiting volunteers, promoting fundraisers, and more. Our clients depend on us to report their results by way of thorough conversion tracking. You will learn, utilize, and contribute to our system for interpreting conversion values as Return On Investment and Mission Impact. We’re committed to enabling our employees to enhance their own productivity, so each person both uses and makes improvements to the various scripts, templates, and training we’ve developed for most aspects of our work. Your responsibilities will grow and change with the needs of the company; this will be a position with a wide range of activities.

Company Culture: We are a small yet quickly growing company (a team of about 20 people) who work remotely and stay connected with scheduled online meetings. For example, we have an Employees Meeting once a week, guide interns in a weekly meeting, meet with each client once a month, and collaborate between internal departments as needed. Our team is diverse in every sense, and we encourage getting to know one another. There are no travel requirements, though in the future, we’ll offer travel options. Payroll is run monthly. As a company, we are both expanding and deepening our services. There will be opportunities for career growth, change, and/or specialization as we expand our staff. We can offer raises as we gain clients, and recently, we have been gaining clients at an accelerating pace. We offer Paid Time Off (PTO) that does not require medical reasons, and we allow flex-time between adjacent weeks. We thrive on feedback and always take suggestions seriously. We are proud to be continuously improving.