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Community Controlled Food Initiative Intern

Position Title: Community Controlled Food Initiative Intern (Work Remotely and
in-person social distance)
Department: Community Food Projects
Reports to: Department Manager
Hours Per Week: 10-20
Hourly Pay: $15.00
Desired Start Date: 9/7/2022
Number of Openings: 2

This Community Controlled Food Initiative (CCFI) Intern position is a combination remote
work-study position and in-person (via outdoors social distance) with the Kheprw Institute.
Under the supervision of the project manager, the intern will be exposed to, learn about and
assist in coordinating and executing cooperative food purchases from local farmers to
community members and partner organizations, including administrative project support,
volunteer coordination, and hands-on produce bag assembly. Activities will include:

Supervisory Responsibilities: None
● Organized
● Attention to detail
● Basic proficiency in the use of spreadsheets and computers
● Writing and verbal communication skills
● Ability to communicate effectively in collaborative discussions with team, vendors,
and customers
● Problem-solving skills
● Willing to learn, a curious mind
● Commitment to excellence
● Passion for community work
● Ability to report in-person and timely
Responsibilities and Duties
● Working collaboratively with the project manager to coordinate with local farmers,
volunteers, community members, institutional customers and partners to organize
food purchases and distribution
● Supporting administrative functions like communications, placing produce orders,
assembling project materials, and tracking project activities
● Assisting with coordination of and hands-on in-person assembly of produce bag orders
and distributions, adhering to strict social distancing and Covid safety policies
● Other duties as assigned

Experience: None required, a plus for previous experience working on team, with
volunteers, in operations or food work, administrative experience, proven
ability to meet deadlines

Student Learning Experience
Through work in this position, the student will become acquainted with the following profiles:

Local Food Organizer - The student will work directly with the project manager and become
familiar with the operations of a local food project connecting community demand for local
food access with local growers. They will have the opportunity to learn about and engage with local farmers, community food purchasers, and volunteers in building sustainable approaches to support food growers, access to fresh produce, and build community.

Administrator- The student will learn how to effectively manage back-end tools like
spreadsheets and communications tools to assemble products and events that implement
cooperative local food access.
Problem Solver – The student will work with the project manager to improve the processes
and procedures used to manage the project. Through this collaborative work the student will
help the manager improve and develop training processes.

Innovator – The student will work with the project manager to provide solutions that
contribute to the efficiency and informed decision-making of the project and its alignment
with community goals for sustainability and food access.The student is encouraged to ask
questions and provide new ideas.

Community Contributor – The student will gain knowledge about other cultures and
perspectives through interacting with members of the staff and community. This position will
provide students exposure to alternative narratives and ways of being in the world,
broadening their awareness of diversity and community empowerment and deepening respect toward cultural similarities and differences.

Kheprw Institute
The Kheprw Institute is a nonprofit community organization that works to create a more just, equitable, human-centered world by nurturing youth and young adults to be leaders, critical thinkers and doers who see the people in any community as the most valuable assets and are committed to working with disinvested communities to bring about change that leads to
empowered self-sustainable communities. The Community Controlled Food Initiative (CCFI) is a community program making an impact through organizing our own fresh food supply since 2015, supporting local food growers, and building community around good food!

Mimi Zakem
CCFI Project Manager
Phone: 317-329-4803 x 703

Work Periods
Fall 2022
Spring 2023
Summer I & II 2023