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Instructional Teachers: Secondary Science Teachers

Instructional Teachers:

Secondary Science Teachers (all courses)

Secondary Science teaching positions are available at various schools throughout our district. 

All applicants must complete the VCS online application here:

To work diligently and conscientiously in the role of instructional personnel to help students meet or exceed annual learning goals, to meet state and local achievement requirements, and to master the skills required to graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary education and work (FS 1012.53)

1. *Help students master challenging standards and meet all state and local requirements for achievement. (FS 1012.53)
2. *Teach diligently and conscientiously, using prescribed materials and methods, including technology-based instruction. (FS 1012.53)
3. *Keep records and prepare and submit reports required by law, the school board, and/ or the principal/ administrator. (FS 1012.53) (VCS 410)
4. *Maintain a valid Florida educator’s certificate as required by state law and state board of education regulations. (VCS 410)
5. *Perform those duties that are necessary for the diligent and conscientious instruction of students. (VCS 410)
6. *Use prescribed and otherwise appropriate materials and methods. (VCS 410)
7. *Conform to all laws/ and all school board, school and division policies and procedures. (VCS 410)
8. *Deliver all keys, records and reports and account for all other assigned school district property to the principal/ administrator at the end of the regular school year or summer school upon transfer or termination of employment, or at any other time as required by the principal/ administrator or the superintendent. (VCS 410)
9. *Administer prescription medication as assigned and in accordance with law and school board policy. (VCS 211; FS 1006.062)
10. *Will contact and make arrangements for his own substitute provided the teacher has prior authorization to do so from the principal, the substitute called is included on the approved substitute teacher list in the automated calling system, and in accordance with school board policy. (VCS 407)
11. *Conform to policy regarding sexual harassment, within the contexts of teacher-student, supervisor-subordinate, and between persons of the same employment status. (VCS 509)
12. *Conform to the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession in Florida. (FAC 6B-1.001)
13. *Conform to the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida. (FAC 6B-1.006)
14. *Assist in practicing and enforcing laws, rules and policy regarding the Volusia County Schools Code of Student Conduct, and those of Florida, including the authority to use alternatives. (VCS Code of Student Conduct-208, FAC 6A-1.0404)
15. *Conform to the Volusia County Schools Equity Plan and the tenets of the prohibition of discrimination. (FAC 6A-19.001)
16. *Attend staff meetings and in-service training as needed for job enhancement.
17. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Principal/ Administrator, which are not in conflict with law, policy or the contract. (VCS 410)

Bachelor’s Degree in an educational field or the equivalent as defined by Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 6A-1.0503
Hold or is eligible to hold a valid Florida Educator Certificate or equivalent as defined by FAC 6A-1.0503

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