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Computer Vision / Machine Learning Internship

Because we are not doing in-office interviews and all of our positions are currently remote, we have a new interview process on Google Forms where you can choose a position that you are interested in applying for and record a quick 1-3 minute video on your experience and why you would be a good fit for the position. Don't spend too much time on it, it should be quick and easy just to give us an idea of your background in Computer Science and why you would be a good fit. You can find more information about our internships at and the different internship positions available.

The link to Part 1 of the Google Form application can be found at . You must fill out the Google Forms to be considered for the position!

Our Company:
ObjectSecurity is a small company in downtown San Diego (we work out of a coworking space). We have traditionally focused on cybersecurity but have branched out into data analytics and AI in recent years. Our award-winning, patented security product is OpenPMF, which uses cool models and algorithms to make it easier to author and maintain fine-grained, dynamic access control policies.

We are doing exciting other product developments, including a supply chain risks analysis product which takes an SAP data dump and turns it into a graph DB, and then runs analytics over it to identify risks. Another cool project is an "AI hacker" development, which uses AI to simulate a hacker.

Position Overview:
We have developed a technology for semi-automatically analyzing circuit boards. This project was done for Air Force. We OCR the board, let the user clean up the bill of materials, and then obtain information about all parts on the circuit board from various sources. The goal is to detect anomalies.

We are currently using Google Vision, which works so-so for our purposes. We also use Tesseract OCR.

We would welcome an intern who is skilled at computer vision to work with us on this exciting project. Tasks will include automatically tilt-correcting photos of circuit boards using computer vision, detecting chip boundaries using computer vision, detecting parts using pattern recognition etc. We already have code that detects chips using Mask_RCNN but more work is needed to get to the end goal.

You will directly work with our senior/principal software engineers and the CEO, and if successful, your project will drive a website where users can automatically analyze circuit boards.

This is the initial internship project, but depending on how long it takes to complete, there is always room to grow with our company and move on to other projects. There’s also scope for moving into other projects in the fields of machine learning, AI, information modeling, analytics, cybersecurity and more. The sky is the limit with our company.

1) Prior experience working with Computer Vision and/or Machine Learning
2) Available 8-16 hours per week virtually
3) Recommended, but not mandatory: Experience with Mask_RCNN or tilt/rotate

**NOTE** Please provide a cover letter that briefly lists and explains any computer vision projects you have worked on hands-on

Learning Objectives:
By working directly on software engineering projects hands-on in computer vision and machine learning interns will gain valuable experience in the software engineering field and improve upon their computer science skills as evidenced through their weekly projects.