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Signals Analyst Professional Entry Level (MD, CO, GA, TX, HI)

Do any of the items below interest you? If so, Signals Analyst Professional position may be the perfect fit for you.

- Enjoy abstract puzzles and other problem-solving challenges
- Tinkering with hardware or have technological curiosity
- Reverse engineering of hardware or equipment, such as disassembling or repair
- Appreciation and interest in weaponry systems, rockets, or other aerial projectiles
- Interest in clandestine intelligence activities
- Open to applying your skills in new and nontraditional ways
- Desire to help NSA/DoD in accomplishing missions

Signals Analysis is a cutting-edge technical discipline that seeks to identify the purpose, content and user(s) of signals. Given today's rapidly evolving global communications, the NSA must maintain and develop a highly talented and diverse workforce of Signals Analysts who are a vital part in maintaining our technical capabilities to use the most sophisticated means to recover, understand, and derive intelligence from all manner of foreign signals.

Salary Range: $74,682 - $93,062 (Entry/Developmental) - NSA Headquarters
Salary Range: $74,682 - $93,062 (Entry/Developmental) - NSA Colorado
Salary Range: $74,682 - $93,062 (Entry/Developmental) - NSA Georgia
Salary Range: $74,682 - $93,062 (Entry/Developmental) - NSA Hawaii
Salary Range: $74,682 - $93,062 (Entry/Developmental) - NSA Texas