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Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program Communications and Data Specialist Resource Assistant (RA) (Recreation)

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United States Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Region
Pacific Northwest Regional Office, Portland, OR
(100% Virtual or Partial Telework Options Available)
Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program
Communications and Data Specialist Resource Assistant,
Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program

Delivering Benefits to a Multicultural and Multi-Use Public
Resource Assistant Program

Please Respond By: April 22nd, 2022
Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) in partnership with the United States Forest Service (USFS) welcomes applications for a Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program Communications and Data
Specialist Resource Assistant (RA) (Recreation) position . This is a 26-week full-time work experience from approximately June 1, 2022 to December 1, 2022. Created in 1984 and modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s, NYC is a non-profit job training and experiential education program for youth and young adults to learn and work in the field of natural resource management. NYC will recruit and hire the selected RA candidate providing personnel and Human
Resources needs during the placement. The daily activities of the RA will be primarily under the direction of Forest Service staff.
Position: Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program Communications and Data Specialist
Target start date: June 1, 2022 (specific date to be determined by the RA and supervisor, may be up to two weeks earlier or later depending on the RA’s availability)
Duration: 26 weeks (Six Months) Depending on the availability of funding, this position may be extended for up to an additional six months (26 weeks), if mutually agreeable to the Forest Service and the RA.
Status: Full time (40 hours/week).
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Duty Location: There are three options for the location of this position:
  • Regional Office option: U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Regional Office in Portland,
Oregon. Full time work from the Regional Office, Monday – Friday.
Or, if mutually agreeable to the Forest Service and RA, this position may be considered for either partial telework or 100% virtual work:
  • Regional Office option with partial telework: Full time work split between the Regional
Office in Portland, Oregon, and a virtual location (e.g., home office or desk space). Work a minimum of 1 workday each week in the Regional Office and up to 4 workdays from a virtual location.
  • 100% virtual option: Full time work from a virtual location (e.g., home office or desk space).
Location in or near Portland, Oregon, would not be required.
This is primarily an office-based position. There may be limited opportunities for field visits and/or participation in in-person meetings according to agency and NYC COVID policy. Limited travel may be required, at the expense of the employer.
Work Schedule and Work Area:
This position will operate on the Pacific Time Zone. Regardless of the RA’s location, they will be expected to work standard workdays and business hours for the Pacific Time Zone. The RA’s supervisor works in the Regional Office with partial telework (up to 4 workdays per week).
Regardless of the RA’s work location, a typical work week will be 40 hours, Monday – Friday, with two full days off (Saturday and Sunday). A typical workday will be 8 hours, with an unpaid minimum
30-minute lunch break around the middle of the workday and two paid 15-minute breaks. The RA will coordinate with the supervisor to establish a mutually agreeable work schedule, with flexibility available outside of the Regional Office’s core business hours (10am-2pm). The supervisor is supportive of using schedule flexibility and applicable leave policies to accommodate caretaker duties, health and wellness needs, educational opportunities, and work-life balance. It is not expected that this position will work or be available for communications on weekends or evenings. This position is not eligible for overtime, but excess hours can be flexed within pay period (though excess hours are not encouraged).
For Regional Office and partial telework options, the employer will provide the RA with a dedicated workspace (typically a cubicle with desk, chair, and file cabinets) in the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt
Federal Building with the Recreation, Lands, and Minerals staff.
For the 100% virtual and partial telework options, there are additional requirements for the RA to provide a dedicated workspace (e.g., home office or desk space) for virtual work, and to have adequate and reliable internet access. Please note that the employer does not offer payment or reimbursement for home office space or workspace rental, furniture, equipment, printing, phone, internet, or other utilities. Any printing needs should be discussed with the supervisor so printing is avoided or done at the Regional Office so there are no costs to the RA.
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Overview – About the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region:
The Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Region manages 24.75 million acres across 16 National
Forests, 59 District Offices, a National Scenic Area, and a National Grassland across Oregon and
Washington. Within the region, there are more than 2,400 developed recreation sites, over 24,000 miles of trails, 51 Wild and Scenic Rivers, two national monuments, one national historic trail, and two national scenic trails. Through culturally relevant partnerships, engagement, and communication, the
Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Region builds connections with rural and urban communities to help sustain the health, diversity and productivity of these lands to meet the needs of present and future generations.
About the Program and Staff Area:
The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program is part of the Recreation, Lands, and Minerals staff in the Regional Office. The program consists of 1 full-time employee, who will be the supervisor for the RA. The staff includes about 30 full-time employees in a mix of Regional Office, other Forest
Service office, and virtual locations.
The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNT) is a 1,200-mile route from the Continental Divide in Montana to the Pacific Ocean in Washington state that travels through some of the most remote and scenic landscapes in the Northwest. Designated by Congress in 2009, it is one of America’s 11 national scenic trails and part of the National Trails System. The PNT provides outstanding opportunities for non-motorized recreation, including hiking, equestrian, and bicycle use. Each year, approximately 60 to 70 people complete end-to-end “thru-hikes” of the PNT, and many more visitors enjoy day or shorter overnight trips on segments of the PNT. The PNT is managed through collaboration between the Forest Service (as the lead federal agency for the PNT); partner organizations and volunteers; and the many governments, agencies, and private landowners that manage the lands along the trail. See this link for more detailed information about the PNT:
Position Description:
The Resource Assistant Program is a rigorous and immersive paid internship for individuals interested in Forest Service careers. Resource Assistants (RAs) work with Forest Service staff to complete mission-critical work that demonstrates leadership, critical thinking, and strategic communication.
Through direct training, experience, and exposure, RAs gain the tools to launch their natural and cultural resource careers.
Through a partnership with Northwest Youth Corps, the selected Resource Assistant will serve as the
Communications and Data Specialist for the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNT) Program.
The Communications and Data Specialist will support and assist the program manager responsible for coordination across the 1,200-mile PNT. The Communications and Data Specialist will provide outstanding customer service to PNT visitors, stakeholders, and managers through high-quality communications and related data products. The Communications and Data Specialist will also develop and implement creative strategies and tools for storytelling (e.g., story maps, websites, social media, etc.) to connect new audiences to the PNT and to educate and inspire PNT visitors and stewards. The
Communications and Data Specialist will be one of just two positions in the Forest Service dedicated to the PNT program. However, they regularly interact with a broader set of colleagues in the Forest
Service (including Regional Office staff; staff in national forest and ranger district offices across the
PNT in MT, ID, and WA; and agency-wide teams working on national scenic trails and national
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historic trails) as well as the members of the PNT advisory council and partner organization staff and volunteers.
Duties and Areas of Responsibility
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Develop and implement communications strategies, campaigns, tools, and materials to increase awareness of the PNT and related projects (including a trail-wide planning project).
  • Provide information to visitors and the public about recreation opportunities on the PNT, relevant rules and regulations, current conditions, and opportunities for public involvement.
  • Update and maintain the Forest Service’s PNT website.
  • Coordinate with other Forest Service staff, agencies that manage the PNT, and partner organizations to share information about the PNT and, as appropriate, develop and deliver shared messages for visitors and the public.
  • Propose and implement new approaches and tools for storytelling to connect new audiences with the PNT and to educate and inspire PNT visitors and managers.
  • Participate in and assist the PNT Administrator with organization of public meetings and meetings of the PNT advisory council (a collaborative group of PNT managers, Tribes, states, and stakeholders convened by the Forest Service).
  • Support the PNT Administrator by providing high-quality customer service to the public, stakeholders, PNT managers, and members of the PNT advisory council through communication that may include public meetings, email messages, phone, website, social media, and digital or printed materials.
  • Review PNT-related data, including geospatial data, and recommend and implement strategies and techniques to improve data relevance, accuracy, and application in PNT management and communications.
  • Work closely with Forest Service recreation, communications, and data professionals.

This position does not supervise or lead other employees or volunteers. This position does not drive government vehicles. The RA may be asked to wear a uniform for public meetings or other events
(virtual or in person, TBD).
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to convey a compelling story in a clear, concise manner appropriate to the audience, setting, and format.
  • Ability to work effectively with professionals in a variety of disciplines in a collaborative and cooperative manner and handle multiple tasks/projects at a given time.
  • Skills in problem solving, analysis, evaluation, and resolution. Ability to organize and prioritize tasks to meet objectives as part of the performance of position duties.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, exercise sound judgment, and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Successful completion of a background check.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents over 19 years old.

Desired Skills
  • Experience creating or updating websites, story maps, social media posts, newsletters/email campaigns, videos, presentations, or other types of communications.
  • Interest in using data to foster learning and collaboration. Experience with geospatial data a plus.
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  • Strong community engagement skills and a desire to authentically collaborate with diverse groups.
  • Experience coordinating and/or managing projects in a timely manner.
  • Ability to solve complex problems through creative and innovative approaches.
  • Ability to adapt to change (such as changes to project scope, tasks, and timelines) and to persist through challenges to achieve goals and outcomes.
  • Demonstrate professionalism that fosters an environment where colleagues and stakeholders feel valued, respected, and empowered to bring new ideas and issues forward.
  • Undergraduate or advanced degree a plus. Coursework in communications, collaboration, GIS, data applications, or related subjects a plus but not required.
Program Benefits:
  • NYC will provide RA a total stipend of $19,500 divided across a 26-week term along with health care coverage, workers compensation, and FICA/Medicare.
  • The RA will receive $2,750 in funding to reimburse relocation costs, program travel, and applicable trainings.
  • The RA will receive a total monthly commuter fund of $300, and a total housing stipend of
$6,000 prorated monthly.
  • The RA will have a minimum of 40 hours of flexible paid leave in addition to federally recognized holidays.
  • The RA will qualify for a U.S. Forest Service Direct Hiring Authority and Noncompetitive
Hiring Eligibility upon completion of 960 hours of service. The hiring authority is valid for 2 years, once issued.
  • Full-time work for 6 months, but willing to accommodate some credit hour scheduling for students.
  • Professional development, trainings, and networking opportunities.

100% virtual option – This position may be considered for a 100% virtual duty station (i.e., work from home or other dedicated workspace, any geographic location) if mutually agreeable to the Forest
Service and the RA. The position will operate on the Pacific Time Zone, and the RA is expected to work standard business hours for that time zone.
Regional Office or partial telework options in Portland, Oregon -- Portland, Oregon, and surrounding communities are routinely ranked among the top 50 places to live and work in the United
States. Portland is at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in northwest
Oregon. Portland is Oregon’s biggest city with 600,000 residents. There are 1.95 million people in the greater metropolitan area, with many large suburban communities including adjacent Vancouver,
The Regional Office is in the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in downtown Portland. It is easily accessible by bicycle and public transportation, including light rail and buses. Bicycle parking is provided in the building. Car parking is usually available at city-owned or private lots at a daily cost of around $18. The area is characterized by federal and city government buildings, high-rise apartment and office complexes, hotels, shops, restaurants, and parks. The nearby South Park Blocks are lined with museums, theaters, and historic buildings, and host a popular farmers market. The Regional
Office is two blocks from the Willamette River waterfront and Waterfront Park, which features broad lawns for picnics and concerts; paths for walking, running, and bicycling; river access for paddleboarding and boating; and bridges that connect the east and west sides of the city. The
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Hawthorne Bridge (the nearest bridge to the Regional Office) averages an impressive 99,000+ bicycle trips a month.
This "City of Roses" is vibrant and energetic while at the same time laid back and easy-going. Portland has character epitomized in its unique and varied neighborhoods. Many residents are active in
Portland’s dynamic civic and cultural life, including community gatherings, music, and art. There are about a dozen colleges and universities in Portland, including the large downtown campus of Portland
State University near the Regional Office. Portland is the hub for hospitals and healthcare in Oregon.
In spring 2021, the average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Portland was $1,153, and the average home purchase price was $542,000.
Portland is known for rain, though it gets only five inches more (43” annually) than the national average (38”). Portland has a Mediterranean climate with sunny, dry summers. Winters are mild with little snow, though nearby Mt. Hood offers quality skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. The natural beauty of the Cascade mountains provides the backdrop for the city. Within a short drive from Portland are farms and orchards, rivers, parks and wildlife preserves, and forested trails. The breathtaking
Oregon coast, the scenic Columbia River Gorge, and the vast high desert of eastern Oregon are less than two hours away. Portland is connected to other West Coast big cities by Amtrak and the Interstate
5 freeway, and Interstate 84 comes into the city from the east. PDX airport serves domestic and international destinations.
Application Instructions Below
Application Deadline: April 22nd, 2022
Interviews: Will occur as qualified applications are received
Type of position: Individual Placement
Service Dates: June 2022 to December 2022
Length of Term: 26 Weeks (1040 Hours)
How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references and completely fill out the application form found at
Additional Information
If you have questions about the Resource Assistant Internship, please reach NYC Internship Program
Officer Liv Kelley at or Becky Blanchard at
NYC COVID-19 Protocols: We have developed and facilitated industry leading COVID management
protocols that are in place to keep our members and staff healthy, and have maintained an excellent
safety record. Read our COVID protocols by visiting
All job offers are contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory background check as well as record of full COVID 19 vaccination OR an NYC approved medical/religious exemption.
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