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Magazine – Picture This Post READER CALENDAR MANAGER -- Summer, 2022 - INTERNSHIP

Magazine – Picture This Post READER CALENDAR MANAGER -- Summer, 2022 - INTERNSHIP


-Minimum of 10 hours/week

-Forward contact information for the academic supervisor of your internship – -Picture This Post no longer proceeds on an internship for school credits unless prior contact is established with the appropriate person/s at your school.  

You may instead opt to become a student volunteer, where you will receive the same training but without arrangements to get you school credit. 

-Attend zoom orientation or zoom interview

- Commitment to fulfill tasks for all Picture This Post staff members—to remain in good standing. See Picture This Post Student Volunteers – Good Standing Commitments.

About Picture This Post and WHAT YOU WILL DO

Picture This Post magazine,, alerts time-strapped readers to cultural offerings that are the best match for their interests in art, books, dance, film, museums, music, theater, as well as travel with a focus on culture. We not only cover culture creators and venues with high name recognition, but also delight in helping to showcase bold, creative strokes by fledgling artists in all genres.

Before applying, please study the PICTURE THIS POST READERS’ CALENDAR—systematically comb through events for today in one city, and then explore the search functions. 

Your charter can either be defined by a particular Picture This Post city edition or an area of interest—theater, music, dance, art, or museums. 

As a READER CALENDAR MANAGER, your duties will focus on:

-quality control and upkeep of the database system underlying the calendar, including correspondence and training of staff members on how mechanics of the Readers’ Calendar

-outreach to PR reps and others to solicit their interest in obtaining a sign in to the Reader Calendar and follow-up training/orientation on how to use the system

-correspondence campaigns (social media and email) to systematically expand the appropriate and relevant entities who include Picture This Post in their media lists

More Details on Your Internship:

Amy Munice, Editor in Chief, will be the primary supervisor of your internship. She is the co-publisher of the magazine, a 30+ year PR professional and freelance journalist, and cultural reporter who has penned many hundreds of articles. She will be the author of your future reference for job hunting purposes.

You will be responsible for submitting a weekly report to the editor-in-chief on your hours/tasks done and work in progress, as well as keep a cumulative report on your published articles, and other accomplishments such as layout for others’ articles. 

Training sessions are held by zoom—usually in small groups—throughout the week and weekend. Initially you will need to adapt your schedule in order to attend training sessions to learn layout, confer on rewrites/instruction, and more. Once you have the prerequisite skills, you determine your schedule each week in order to meet your school’s hour requirements for your internship.


Picture This Post is an entirely volunteer organization, from top to bottom. We are a not-for-profit (as opposed to a 501c3 non-profit) – too small to hire accountants etc. needed for non-profit status. Students are like all volunteers EXCEPT that much time/energy goes into training students and helping you develop a portfolio for future job hunting.  

This position is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in exposure to the breadth of arts and cultural offerings available and learning how an online magazine works.