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Public Health Internship

There are many necessary steps to develop a successful program within a community. This internship provides experiences to research, test, & design a program to effectively promote social & emotional wellness in communities.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Research clinical studies and resources to back up the five foundational competencies of connection, self-esteem, acceptance\belonging, purpose, and resilience. As well as the ten sub-competencies built into the curriculum

  • Create & perform methods of measurement with team and data analysts to show evidence of the individual performance of social & emotional health and the effectiveness of the overall program

  • Plan activities that provide support, connection, and a sense of belonging, and reinforce competencies within the curriculum

  • Thoroughly research & network with organizations & communities in developing an online directory to guide youth & families to supportive resources to help them with specific needs and situations that impact their social & emotional wellness

  • Network and work together with school boards and legislators to promote this socially and emotionally empowering program. (Within the allowable tax-exempt status limits.)

  • Direct youth to pilot and measure the competencies taught in the program. (At available locations.)

  • Be professional in conduct, dress, and communication, and show respect to colleagues to create a safe environment we are trying to create for these youth. The culture & environment established in each management team will often match the programs we create. Look to build, accept, and work together to empower youth & families for life!

  • Network with sponsors to support youth programs & online directory for families

Internship Expectations 
  • Complete required hours

  • Meet deadlines, attend meetings, complete projects, and fulfill all other job requirements

  • Be self-motivated and take initiative in completing projects, seeking out work, and contributing to the success of Rising Up Together 

  • Intern expects their supervisor to support his/her role at Rising Up Together and expects the supervisor’s assistance in completing any internship requirements (i.e., assignments, evaluations, etc.)

  • Intern expects to meet with their supervisor [ex: weekly] to discuss progress and receive feedback on performance

Note: This position is only open to applicants residing within the United States. We regret that we are unable to consider candidates outside the U.S. at this time.