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Game Tech Team Member-DO NOT USE/DUPLICATE

Position Title: Game Tech Team Member
Organization: Division of Student Affairs
Department/Office: Campus Center
Hourly Wage: $11.00-$12.01
Average Hours/Week: 10-20, additional hours scheduled as needed
Supervisor: Facility and Event Technician
General Purpose:
Game Tech team members serve a dual role. First, they will work as dedicated AV Event Support team members, who will provide audiovisual support at different levels to our clients and events in the Campus Center. In addition to the previously mentioned role, Game Tech team members will provide general supervision of the Game Room, Individual Multi-Use Room and TV Lounge spaces as well assist with the planning and implementation of Game Room programs and events.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The below breakdown of essential duties and responsibilities of the Game Tech Team Member also include applicable Principles of Undergraduate Learning for each duty/responsibility set. Specific outcomes relevant for each principle are included in the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Gained section.
Game Room
·        Establish and maintain a mastery understanding of the equipment in the Game Room as well as rules and regulations for recreation tournaments
·        Use Asset Panda; our inventory management system, to check equipment out to customers
·        Enforce Game Room policies and procedures with all guests and visitors
·        Use available written and electronic resources to problem solve and provide customer service
·        Complete all necessary shift logs and forms associated with Game Room usage, equipment checkout, equipment inventory, maintenance issues and concerns
·        Assist with the planning and implementation of programs and events as assigned
·        Maintain a clean and organized Game Room, including cleaning tables, arranging chairs, dusting equipment, cleaning bulletin and dry erase boards and organizing games and office equipment
·        Maintain an organized TV Lounge, including collecting trays and arranging tables and chairs
·        Manage the process of check-in/check-out to customers as well as provide access to Individual Multi-Use Rooms and ensure rooms are clean and secured when customer departs
Event Technician
The Event Technician responsibilities have been designated into progressive tiers based on skill and knowledge. All team members will receive appropriate training to carry out the duties listed in Tier 1.

Tier 1
·        Support events in normal meeting rooms
o  Making sure presentation run smoothly: basic PC troubleshooting, microphone issues, batteries, etc.
o  Setting up/understanding Panelist Microphone Setup (or basic knowledge to be able to troubleshoot issues.
·        Setting up basic Atrium and TV Lounge equipment
Tier 2
·        All previous responsibilities
·        Trained on working new technology
·        Repair broken furniture
·        Schedule and conduct Audiovisual (AV) Trainings for new Operations Team Members
Tier 3
·        All previous responsibilities
·        Trained on and running live lighting and sound equipment in the Theater and Multipurpose Rooms
·        Schedule, conduct, and evaluate AV 1:1 trainings with Team Members
·        Support large-scale events that have require advanced audio and video equipment
Customer Service
·        Provide high quality customer service to all clients and guests
·        Problem solving any event related issues, including technical difficulties, setup discrepancies, and available resources
·        Communicate professionally and effectively with all clients and team members
General Responsibilities
·        Maintain a mastery understanding of the Campus Center, Game Room, and Student Team Member manuals
·        Maintain comprehensive knowledge of the campus and surrounding community, including various campus offices and departments and the services they provide, especially as it pertains to CCSE policies, events, and activities
Minimum Qualifications
Education and Experience:
·        Candidates must have at least a 2.0 cumulative IUPUI GPA and be in judicial good standing at the time of application
·        Candidates and team members must be enrolled at IUPUI to be hired and must maintain enrollment during employment.
·        Previous event technician experience is not required but highly preferred.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
·        Maintain an understanding of the Campus Center Policy Manual and the Student Team Member Manual
·        Ability to make independent decision to guide projects to completion
·        Ability to identify program areas to be assessed
·        Ability to propose recommendations and solutions to complex problems
·        Ability to work with minimal supervision
·        Ability to train, develop and lead the Game Tech Team
·        Skills in delivering exemplary customer service
·        Skills in event planning and coordination
·        Strong time management and interpersonal relationship skills
·        Skill in collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing information into written and verbal formats
·        Skill in applying concepts and knowledge to solve complex problems
·        Skill in communicating information to diverse constituents using an educational approach
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Gained in this Role:
As a result of employment, the team member will be able to demonstrate each of the Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success (PLUS). Below are specific sample learning outcomes based on the PLUS.
Profile 1: Communicator
The IUPUI Student conveys ideas effective and ethically in oral, written, and visual forms across public, private, interpersonal, and team settings, using face-to-face and mediated channels. Communicators are mindful of themselves and others, listen, observe, and read thoughtfully, ask questions, evaluate information critically, create messages that demonstrate awareness of diverse audiences, and collaborate with others and across cultures to build relationships. The Game Tech team member displays qualities of a Communicator by/through:
·        Communication and enforcement of Game Room policies with customers
·        Interaction with fellow team member and professional staff
·        Transparency with details on various levels
·        Supporting clients through spoken word and written dialogue
Profile 2: Problem Solver
The IUPUI Student works individually and with others to collect, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to implement innovative solutions to challenging local and global problems. The Game Tech Team Member displays qualities of a Problem Solver by/through:
·        Supporting clients with troubleshooting event uncertainties
·        Making suggestions to improve internal processes that impact day-to-day operations
·        Proactively searching for solutions through resources provides
·        At times, working in a high-stress environment 

Profile 3: Innovator
The IUPUI Student builds on experiences and disciplinary expertise to approach new situations and circumstances in original ways, is willing to take risks with ideas, and pose solutions. Innovators are original in their thoughts and ask others to view a situation or practice in a new way. Innovators are good decision makers, can create a plan to achieve their goals, and can carry out that plan to its completion. Innovators use their knowledge and skills to address complex problems in order to make a difference in the civic life of communities, and to address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues. The Game Tech team member demonstrates qualities of an Innovator by/through:
·        Improving current processes through trial and error
·        Offering solutions to Area Manager and professional staff through post-event experience
·        Adapting to new situations that are presented on a daily basis
·        Utilize creative elements through training Operations team members on a team and individual level
·        Grow personal/professional development by experiencing hands-on, industry related, challenges
·        Working under minimal supervision

Profile 4: Community Contributor
The IUPUI Student is an active and valued contributor on the campus and in communities locally and globally. They are personally responsible, self-aware, civically engaged, and they look outward to understand the needs of the society and t heir environment. They are socially responsible, ethically oriented, and actively engaged in the work of building strong and inclusive communities, both local and global. The Game Tech team member displays qualities of a Community Contributor by/through:
·        Assisting in the coordination of community events that impact the Campus Center staff
·        Willingness to support the growth of the Game Tech team to provide an excellent customer & guest experience
·        Coordinate and engage in team building activities outside the workplace
·        Accepting constructive criticism to build professional experiences