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Pre-Health Shadowing Volunteer


What is Pre-Health Shadowing?
Pre-Health Shadowing is an international student-led, minority-led, non-profit for medical advancement. It was formed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to combat health education disparities and provide students with a free and remote way to gain shadowing, volunteer, professional development, and research experience. We currently have over 46,000 students and over 2,700 volunteers from high school and college!

Why volunteer with PHS?
We are looking for student volunteers to help recruit participants in our program by contacting undergraduate programs, get involved with ongoing projects, or lead on project proposals. This is a great way for students to gain verified volunteering hours while working remotely and with flexible time commitments. Our program can also qualify our volunteers for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award depending on their volunteer hours. This prestigious award is issued to volunteers by the President of the United States based upon their commitment to service and leadership!

Volunteer positions are divided into several categories that vary by department. The positions available rank as follows: Leads, Lead Assistants, general volunteers

  • 8-10 hours/week
  • A great opportunity for leadership and project management experience.
  • Volunteers can submit project ideas to the PHS Executive Board for review. If approved, they will lead other volunteers in working on your project.
Lead Assistant VOLUNTEERS (2)
  • 5-8 hours/week (depends on project)
  • Work alongside peers from around the globe on ongoing projects run by PHS team, but mainly their respective Lead and volunteers.
  • Projects available in a variety of areas within their respective department with weekly deadlines and different time commitments.
  • Work alongside Lead prior to meeting with Department Heads, in particular aid in the development of the presentation/discussion.
  • Create reports on general volunteers to present to the Lead
  • 1-5 hours/week (minimum requirement is 1 hour/month)
  • A flexible and accessible option to earn volunteer hours on your own time.
  • Assist in your choice of asynchronous tasks, such as outreach & nominating professionals, promotional content, social media content, finance, technological support, etc.
  • These tasks are not time-sensitive so you can complete them when you have free time.

Lead VOLUNTEER Positions (1)

IT Department

  • Lead of Website Development
  • Lead of Live Session Tech Support

Finance Department

  • Lead of Grant
  • Lead of Sponsorship
  • Lead of Donorship
  • Lead of Fundraising

Marketing Department

  • Lead of Social Media: Instagram
  • Lead of Social Media: LinkedIn
  • Lead of Social Media: Facebook
  • Lead of Social Media: Tiktok

Student Success Department

  • Lead of HTP
  • Lead of Tutoring Program
  • Lead of Transfer to Healthcare(THP)
  • Lead of Research Program

Legal Department

  • Lead of Contracts
  • Lead of Legal Research
  • Lead of Legal Liaison

Human Resources Department

  • Lead of Recruitment
  • Lead of Compliance
  • Lead of Academic Partnership
  • Lead of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Lead Activity Coordinator
  • Lead of Editorial Research
  • Lead of Volunteer Lead
  • Lead of Editor-in-Chief
  • Lead of Volunteer Communications
  • Lead of Volunteer Liaison
  • Lead of Volunteer Innovation

Assistant Lead VOLUNTEER Positions (2)

IT Department

  • IT Assistant(x3)
  • Finance Assistant(x4)
  • Assistant Lead Instagram Strategist
  • Assistant Lead Linkedin Strategist
  • Assistant Lead Facebook Strategist
  • Assistant Lead Tiktok Strategist
  • Assistant Lead of Creative Design
  • Assistant Lead of Video Productions
  • HTP(Transfer to Healthcare)(x3)
  • Tutoring Assistant Lead
  • Research Assistant Lead
  • Live Session Assistant Lead
  • Mentorship Assistant Lead
  • Assistant Lead of Recruitment
  • Assistant Lead of Compliance
  • Assistant Volunteer Lead(x3)

General VOLUNTEER Positions (3)

  • Blog Professional Nominations
  • Building Our Student Success Inquiry Hub
  • Diversity Outreach
  • Donor Searching and Donor Relations
  • Grant Searching
  • Grant Writing
  • Monthly Diversity Workshop Assistance
  • Planning Fundraisers
  • Research Project: How PHS Positively Impacts Students
  • Web Maintenance
  • Graphic Design Help
  • PR/Media Help
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • YouTube Video Intros
  • Making TikToks
  • And many more
If you have questions about being a volunteer: Fill out this form to meet with our volunteer coordinators and get your questions answered OR email with any questions.