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K-8 Spanish Teacher @ Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence CS

Job Title: Specials Teacher

Reports to: Principal

Status: Exempt; 10 month position

Overview: Implements an instructional program aligned to the School’s Charter, Mission and Schoolwide Title I Program. This position includes a minimum of 180 days of classroom teaching and additional days for pre-service, professional development, and participation in school events and activities, as scheduled throughout the school year.

1. Promote the Mission and Vision of the school through daily interactions with students, colleagues, administration, and parents.
2. Create and maintain a nurturing, safe, and academically challenging classroom environment.
3. Establish, teach, and reinforce schoolwide expectations for classroom behavior, and procedures for maintaining a safe learning environment among the students for whom you are responsible.
4. Collaborate with Instructional Assistant(s) to effectively implement specials classroom programming.
5. Utilize the theory of Multiple Intelligences in lesson planning, pedagogy, and assessment. 6. Ensure lesson plans are in compliance with the PDE arts and humanities course objectives.
7. Establish clear learning and performance objectives for all lessons, units, and projects, and clearly communicate objectives to students.
8. Adapt instructional methods, materials, and assessments to ensure student learning is differentiated to meet varying needs and interests.
9. Promote experiential, project-based learning in lesson planning, classroom activities, and assignments.
10. Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities; plan and organize field trips to coordinate with/enhance lessons and activities executed in the classroom if applicable.
11. Seek outside sources of materials to enrich/enhance current lesson.
12. Prepare, administer, and grade tests and assignments in order to monitor and evaluate students’ progress.
13. Maintain accurate student records with adherence to confidentiality policies and legislative requirements.
14. Prepare and submit trimester progress reports in a timely manner that conform to expectations for qualitative and quantitative student assessment information.
15. Attend biannual parent-teacher conferences.
16. Participate in the School’s Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).
17. Initiate, discuss, and maintain communication with parents/guardians on an ongoing basis regarding student progress. December 2021 2
18. Confer with parents/guardians, teachers, counselors and administrators in order to resolve students’ behavioral and academic problems.
19. Utilize and keep updated, the school’s student information system (Sycamore) by entering student academic information, and utilize the learning management system (Schoology) to support the School’s instructional program.
20. Provide lesson plans to Instructional Assistants and Teacher substitutes.
21. Involve parent volunteers and older students in classroom activities, as appropriate.
22. Actively participate in Departmental development, evaluation and revision of school programs and curricula.
23. Under the guidance of the Principal, actively engage in the School’s Educator Effectiveness Program.
24. Keep abreast of current trends in elementary/middle school education.
25. Participate in ongoing professional development, continuing education, and necessary PDE mandatory training as required by Act 48 requirements.
26. Comply with School policies and procedures as described in the Employee and Instructional Staff Handbooks; submit required reports/forms etc.
27. Attend staff meetings and serve on committees, as required.
28. Adhere to professional, ethical, and legal standards.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate area(s)
2. Valid Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate
3. Required clearances: FBI Fingerprinting, Child Abuse, and PA State Police Criminal Records
4. Completion of trainings required by HGMICS and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
5. Willingness to understand and conform to the educational approach espoused in the School’s mission and vision statements