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Social Media Ambassador (Digital Jag)

Position Summary
The Social Media Ambassador position helps to facilitate the online presence of the School of Liberal Arts. Using social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter the Social Media Ambassador (Digital Jag) will talk about their School experiences, will represent their chosen degree, department or program, events, and services of the school to the wide school body. The Social Media Ambassador will liaise on social media accounts with staff monitoring. The Social Media Ambassador will, however, be the overall student voice responsible for populating social media channels with their Liberal Arts experience and will be given weekly topics to discuss, answer questions, share information, and guide prospective and wide campus students to learn about the Liberal Arts advantage.

Key Responsibilities
  • Facilitate the social media presence and reach of the students of the School of Liberal Arts through Instagram stories, posts, shares, favorites, likes and comments on a regular basis
  • Serve as a digital point of contact for students engaging with the School of Liberal Arts social media accounts by answering basic questions about events, student resources and the Liberal Arts experience.
  • Be the face of the School of Liberal Arts social media on Instagram stories and Twitter
  • Help plan and carry out social media campaigns for events like The Taylor Symposium, Bulen Symposium, Liberal Arts Talks, Celebration of Scholarships, Barlow Lecture and other school events to help boost event engagement
  • Take video footage and/or photographs for events and other projects that can be shared on social media
  • Work closely with the School’s marketing team to maintain and keep up-to-date information available to students through social media regarding support services in the School of Liberal Arts and the wider campus community
  • Collaborate with School’s marketing team to create campaigns and online branding strategies to maintain high levels of social media engagement with the School of Liberal Arts community, including (but not limited to) contests, hashtag generation, and student-friendly content creation
Each semester the school will select two student ambassadors to serve as social media ambassadors (Digital Jags). During summer only one social media ambassador will be required to stay on.
Ambassadors begin their service from the first day of classes to the last day of classes in a given semester*. (*social media ambassador will cover both summer sections)
The Social Media Ambassador is a student first and is therefore expected to model positive academic habits and maintain a strong GPA throughout the duration of their service to the school. The Social Media Ambassador is expected to give priority to his/her responsibilities as a social media ambassador (Digital Jag) over all the other college activities except those which pertain to his/her academic success.
The social media ambassador may work a maximum of 10 hours per week. The social media ambassador is expected to attend monthly check-ins via Zoom or in-person depending on the situation. Willing to assist with projects, campaigns outside of scheduled hours as needed.

Qualifications and Conditions to be a Digital Jag
  • Student from all majors and minors within the School of Liberal Arts interested in social media, blogging, video production, marketing, and photography are invited to apply
  • Good research, writing, speaking, and organizational skills
  • Ability to exercise creativity and critical thinking
  • Ethical judgment and sound decision-making skills
  • Applicants should be comfortable fielding questions and encouraging online discussions
  • Skilled in Instagram Stories and Twitter
  • Familiarity with IGTV for Instagram 
  • Prior to the commencement of each semester, candidate must complete the following:
  • Attend mandatory meeting
  • Completion and submission of all required paperwork

What’s in it for the student?
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience
  • Work with PR, marketing and communications professional
  • Influence and enhance School of Liberal Arts social media channels
  • Develop valuable portfolio content
  • Influence a prospective student’s decision to apply and attend the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI
  • The skills you learn in our office will serve you no matter the career path you choose