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Intern - R & D Pet Food Siloam


As part of Simmons Foods, interns have the opportunity to work on improving the production of all of our products, and a variety of other areas including Information Systems, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications and other administrative functions


Assignments of Projects and Tasks
Students are seeking opportunities that stimulate their interests and provide real-world experiences. The best way to structure the interns work is to plan for the following three types of work:
  1. Project work: On day 1, the intern will be introduced to his/her team and presented with an 8 week project. The project needs to be a solution seeking, challenging, real day problem that not only fits the needs of your department/facility but also allows the intern to use his/her skills relating to their major of study. The team will consist of the intern, supervisor, buddy (recent graduate 1-2 years out that will help intern learn the ropes) and a mentor (ops manager or department head). Once a week, the team will be required to meet and discuss the progress of the project. At the end of the summer, the intern could present their project work to the Executive Team.
  2. Background work: This should be general work that is important and requires some skill. The purpose of background work is to help intern understand the fundamentals of the process. In other words, learn what the issue is that has caused the need for the assigned project so there is a better understanding of how to begin the work/solution.
The balance of the primary project, background, and day-to-day work will enable the intern to be productive and have a well-rounded learning experience.
Evaluation throughout the Internship
Interns will look to their supervisor/mentor to help them transition from the classroom to the workplace. Supervisor/mentors will be required to meet with Intern on a bi-weekly basis to provide feedback concerning intern's performance. During these meetings the following areas need to be discussed:
  • Project status
  • How their work is contributing to the organization
  • Discussion of interns strengths and areas needing growth and development
  • Insight about what work lies ahead
  • Address any questions the Intern might have
Final Evaluation
In the last week of the program, the supervisor will need to complete the final evaluation (see attachment). Final evaluations are helpful when determining the intern's success within Simmons Foods for potential growth within Simmons Foods and their personal career.
Create a continuous improvement culture. Develops a continuous improvement culture in order to improve processes and is continuously finding ways to drive out waste. Accomplishes quality performance which meets or exceeds all line, department, facility, company, and USDA/FDA guidelines or grading process for a total quality program and customer relations.
Physical Activities: Must be able to work on feet for multiple hours, work in various temperatures, and the ability to lift a minimum of 10 pounds.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): As required by visiting facility.
Travel: Depending on assignment
Technical Experience: Knowledge of business and management principles. Willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction. Ability to use computers and computer programsProficiency in Microsoft Office suite.
Industry Experience: Preferred experience in a manufacturingor poultry.
Minimum Education: In process of completing degree program for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in related field of position requirement.