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School of Liberal Arts Student Ambassador Coordinator

The Student Ambassador Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and training of Student Ambassadors. In addition to performing standard Student Ambassador duties, this position will work closely with the Assistant Director of Digital Media to craft and execute the Student Ambassador program year-round.
Management: The Student Ambassador Coordinator will be responsible for the general management of the Student Ambassadors and in this capacity shall:
a. Develop and maintain a close working relationship with all Student Ambassadors.
b. Meet with Student Ambassadors regularly to discuss the program and provide input on events and expectations/requirements of the Ambassadors.
d. Ensure that Student Ambassadors are meeting expectations and being accountable for volunteer hours.
e. Meet regularly with the Student Ambassador Program Advisor/Assistant Director of Digital Media to keep up to date on the activities of the Student Ambassadors.
The Student Ambassador Coordinator begin their service from the first day of classes to the last day of classes in a given semester*. (*may be subject to change)
The Student Ambassador Coordinator is a student first and is therefore expected to model positive academic habits and maintain a strong GPA throughout the duration of their service to the school. The Student Ambassador Coordinator is expected to give priority to his/her responsibilities over all the other college activities except those which pertain to his/her academic success.
The Student Ambassador Coordinator will work a maximum of 20 hours per week. The Student Ambassador Coordinator is expected to lead and attend monthly check-ins via zoom or in person depending on the situation.

Qualifications and Conditions
·      Student from all majors and minors within the School of Liberal Arts interested in service leadership and promoting the value of a liberal arts degree are invited to apply
·      Ability to make a year-long commitment with no semesters away or early graduation
·      2.5 cumulative GPA minimum at time of application, maintained each term in the role
·      Ability to work autonomously, ask questions and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner
·      Strong interpersonal and public speaking skills
·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills
·      Demonstrated ability to maintain high level of professionalism
Experience working in an educational or access-oriented environment, particularly in a leadership role, is a plus.

What’s in it for the student?
·      Opportunity to gain hands-on experience
·      Time management
·      Work with recruiter, student services, marketing, and communications professional
·      Influence a prospective student’s decision to apply and attend the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI
·      The skills you learn in our office will serve you no matter the career path you choose