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Commercial Bank Risk- Field External Auditor, Analyst

Field Exam plays a key role in upfront and ongoing due diligence related to secured credit facilities (from less than $1 million to in excess of $1.5 billion) by analyzing client/prospect collateral and financial information and are performed on the client’s premises. Specific tasks include:

  • Obtaining and analyzing client accounts receivable, inventory, and accounts payable data and historical performance
  • Obtaining an overview and understanding of the client’s collateral and financial performance
  • Preparing (new credit facility) or verifying (existing credit facility) a borrowing base calculation.
  • Verify the existence of inventory through physical inspection
  • High level assessment of internal controls and financial reporting
  • Documenting tasks performed on Excel based field exam template
  • Prepare a written report using field exam template
Examiners generally work in teams (often teams of 2). Examiners must be able to build strong customer relationships while performing an accurate evaluation of the collateral and the control environment.
The ABL field examiner position incorporates extensive on the job training and coaching to develop analytical skills, gain proficiency in understanding the Accounts Receivable and Inventory collateral that supports secured credit facilities and helps prepare you for other opportunities in field exam or in other areas of the firm. High performing field examiners may have an opportunity to move to another role within Commercial Banking Risk or Banking.