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Lab Technician for Soil Biogeochemistry Project

Job Description:
We seek a lab technician to assist with soil analyses of agricultural soils. If you join our team, you will be joining a soil and biogeochemistry lab housed in the Natural Resources Ecology Lab through the Soil and Crop Sciences Department.

Primary duties are to process soils and plant material for measurement which mainly involves sieving and grinding soils and plant material. Additional lab analyses may be learned as needed or where there is interest including how to perform measurements including quantifying soil pH, carbonates, soil texture, and total carbon and nitrogen.

Additional responsibilities include cleaning, acid washing lab equipment, labeling sample containers, and data entry. If there is interest and aptitude, this job may be extended through the summer of 2021 and beyond.

Lab technician must be to work overlapping hours with the supervisor until fully trained and be able to meet all safety requirements of working in the lab, documenting and communicating about work completed, and planning and communicating a weekly lab schedule one week in advance.

Lab technician should be able to work consistent hours each week agreed upon by the lab technician and supervisor, though hours worked are flexible.

This position is for the fall and spring semester, though if there is interest and aptitude, this position could be extended into the summer.

Job Requirements:
Successful applicants will be able to:
  • Prioritize safety in the lab at all times
  • Be reliable & honest
  • Have an interest in and curiosity about soil and/or environmental science or agriculture
  • Record work completed daily
  • Communicate effectively via electronic media
  • Have good attention to detail
  • Maintain focus despite repetitive tasks
  • Accurately record data by hand and into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Be kind
  • Be comfortable working alone once trained
  • Ask questions, especially if unsure of how to do something
  • Commit to working 10hrs per week during the spring semester

We will prioritize applicants with an interest in soil ecology, biogeochemistry, and/or agroecology and those who have experience with the skills and tasks required for this job. Colorado State University may conduct background checks on all final candidates.

Physical ability:
Must be able to stand and work in a lab environment for long periods of time. This job requires manual dexterity and ability to perform repetitive tasks consistently with attention to detail such as sieving, labeling sample containers, washing lab materials, and weighing samples.

Additionally, when working on campus during the pandemic, all people are required to adhere to CSU and public health guidelines that may include wearing a mask, maintaining 6 foot distance, completing a weekly COVID19 screen, and reporting any symptoms immediately.

Benefits to you:
  • Gain knowledge and expertise in common measurements used to study soils and in biogeochemistry as well as experience in a research laboratory at a world-renown institution for studying ecology.
  • Work with a great team of graduate students and research associates who are passionate about science and supporting one another.
  • Opportunity for mentorship, career advice, and potential to conduct an independent study if desired. You would be welcome to participate in our weekly lab meetings with the entire lab team as well.
  • Have a J-O-B!

To apply:
Submit a cover letter stating your interest and relevant experience along with your resume that includes any relevant soil related coursework and work experience. Please also include a tentative schedule of your availability for working in the lab for the fall semester along with the number of hours you would like to work each week.