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Contract Pilot for Kodiak

Choini Air Pilot
Base: Miami-Opa Locka airport
Flying 3x/month to Bahamas
Approximately 6-8 weeks a year, 2-4 extra flights for owner transportation.
Remuneration: $80,000 / year

General Services:
Developing and instituting policies and procedures for the operations of the Aircraft
Preparing annual operating budgets to include operating expenses, facilities, supplies, services, personnel, training, capital expenses and reserves
Monitoring the operating budget on a monthly basis to include entering all expenses into an online platform as directed.
Reporting deviations between budgeted expenditures and actual costs to Air Choini
Establishing scheduling policies and procedures to ensure efficiency
Advising Air Choini on the status and requirements for aircraft and other equipment consistent with the Air Choini's transportation needs and goals
Recommending additions, which include comparative aircraft studies Establishing measures of effectiveness and efficiency for the aircraft
Establishing, maintaining and monitoring records as required by the FARs, manufacturers, and Air Choini's policies
Scheduling and establishing criteria for annual technical audits of the aircraft and maintenance operations
Reporting results of a technical audits to Air Choini with an explanation of deficiencies found and corrective actions taken
Recommending competent flight and maintenance personnel
Establishing and maintaining an active aviation safety program
Provide high levels of customer service to Air Choini
Maintaining an operations policy manual to include flight maintenance and pertinent Air Choini policies
Ensuring that all persons involved in the operation of the aircraft are thoroughly familiar and comply with Air Choini's policies, appropriate FARs and pertinent operating manuals, practices and publications
Having and following programs for pilots and maintenance technicians, including proficiency reviews, initial training, recurrent training and upgrade training
Establishing standards and limitations to ensure safe and efficient aircraft operations Establishing flight dispatch policies and procedures that govern the approval, delay, or cancellation of flight operations
Monitoring the flight crew and dispatchers to ensure they comply with flight dispatch policies and procedures
Coordinating the activities of maintenance with flight operations
Establishing and monitoring security procedures to protect the aircraft and Air Choini's facilities
Establishing and maintaining lists of aviation-related vendors that meet the highest level of aviation safety
Assisting Air Choini in aviation matters related to the FM, state or municipal aviation bodies, airport management, and community organizations
Establish and implement severe weather/natural disaster procedures to protect personnel, aircraft and facilities, including for hurricanes, tornados, high winds, flooding and hail.
Manage the Air Choini Aircraft hangar facility and associated contract. Ensure the Air Choini Aircraft is cleaned on a regular basis.
Manage any maintenance required to the Air Choini aircraft in an expeditious manner to minimize any periods the aircraft is unavailable.
Manage cargo shipments to include picking up cargo from the Miami and Ft Lauderdale Area and transporting to the Aircraft as directed.
Manage provisioning shipments to include acquiring provisions from the various distributors in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale Area and transporting to the aircraft as directed.
Manage cargo and provisions shipping on other air carriers such as Makers Air & Aztec Air to include picking up and delivering cargo and provision to such air carriers.

Chief Pilot Services:
Providing a pilot acceptable to Air Choini when required by Air Choini.
Informing Air Choini of the latest developments within the business aviation community, including the FARs, and other Federal, state, local and foreign regulations affecting aircraft operations Ensuring initial and recurrent training of Chief Pilot and any other aviation personnel with a professional training facility
Ensuring flight crews are instructed in the use of the standard operating procedures (SOP) manual Preparing, updating and submitting to Air Choini standard operating procedures
Preparing and submitting to Air Choini periodic reports and statistics as required Assisting with the preparation of budgets and financial forecasts
Reviewing the current budget implementation
Evaluating expenditures incurred in connection with the aircraft
Provide a background check on any pilots performing services to Air Choini
Ensuring that all pilots maintain current all required licenses and certifications in order for to fly the Aircraft and perform the services to be provided.

Availability: New Pilot will work exclusively for Choini Air and as such will always be available for the above Services. The exception to this would be a period of up to 2 weeks to be scheduled and approved in advance by Air Choini and during the period the Air Choini aircraft is undergoing its annual inspection. Additional periods of unavailability not counting against these 2 weeks may be approved if Air Choini has no requirements for Services. Typically, these periods would be short term and for short duration. Notwithstanding this, in the event that Air Choini Services requires the New Pilot to remain overnight away from home, Air Choini will provide at least one weeks advanced notice.