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Speakers Lab - Mentor

The on campus IUPUI Speaker’s Lab is a service that is available to all IUPUI students, faculty, and staff. We offer one-on-one mentoring, recording services, and outline review for both oral and written presentations. We mainly serve COMM-R110 students; however, we can help with almost all public speaking needs!

Lab mentors are responsible for assisting all students with their public speaking needs. Lab mentors assist students with or without an appointment in the lab through mentoring or online via Canvas support sites through reviewing outlines. Their responsibilities involve helping with a variety of public speaking related problems such as topic selection, content development, speech organization, outline formatting, citation formatting, PowerPoint creation, and speech anxiety. In addition to student-oriented responsibilities, lab mentors contribute to special projects that can benefit the lab.

Our mentors can help to:
  • Understand speech assignments and requirements
  • Brainstorm for topics
  • Identify and research sources
  • Strengthen speech content, structure, and organization
  • Improve outline and note card usage
  • Develop visual aids
  • Polish gestures and speech delivery
  • Reduce speech anxiety

In addition, the IUPUI Speaker’s Lab hosts a website available not only to the IUPUI community but also to those seeking public speaking resources nationally and internationally.

Profiles of Undergrad Learning
Communicator – Students will learn how to be better communicators by building relationships with peers and fellow students. Individuals in this position will improve their active listening skills by interacting with and assisting other students in the speeches they deliver to their class.

Two years of speech with the Communication Studies Department within the School of Liberal Arts.

Each lab mentor is equipped to help R110 students with course work. The mentors have taken and passed R110 with a B+ or higher. Mentors can help during any step of the speech-making process -- from brainstorming for topic ideas to polishing the final presentation. Mentors know how to create PowerPoint presentations and can help polish the slides as well. Mentors also help develop public speaking skills for everyone who comes to the lab for assistance on a presentation or speech.

This position is limited to candidates with a Federal Work-Study award. To verify you have a Federal Work-Study award, please go to your OneStart Account, Student Center, View Financial Aid Summary. If you have an award, it will be listed with the rest of your financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.). You may also email the Office of Student Financial Services at to inquire about eligibility.