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Virtual Intern

Who can apply?
No specific major or experience is required. This is a generalist opportunity.

During this internship experience, you complete rotational assignments supporting various departments: Strategy, Marketing, and Information Technology. You will be assigned tasks commonly given to interns, including basic:
  • Data manipulation & analysis
  • Creative design & development
  • Project management & engineering

You are given ample guidance, context, & support to get started, but just like any other internship you are responsible for conducting additional research, staying organized / meeting deadlines, and generally exceeding expectations.

Start date is negotiable based on waitlist. A 12 week internship with cohorts beginning at the end of every month. Weekly time commitment no more than 5-10 hours.

  • Virtual work
  • Flexible schedule
  • Great resume building experience

´╗┐Learning Objectives
  1. After being provided instructional resources and guidance on data cleansing & merging, interns will apply data quality principals and be able to perform data normalization by modifying an Excel export of poorly formatted data to fit organizational standards.
  2. Interns will be able to analyze operational data with pivot tables and charts after being instructional resources and guidance and communicate that information to decision makers.
  3. By leveraging 3rd party vendor guides & documentation, interns will demonstrate the ability to design and develop web-based solutions for an intake form and website landing page.
  4. Interns will gain a familiarization with CRM and web analysis tools by working in the Salesforce and Google learning environments, and will earn digital badges and certificates in focus areas applicable to those product suites.
  5. With the instructional resources and guidance provided, interns will demonstrate an understanding of marketing strategy and be able to develop a campaign with all its actionable components.