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Case Management

Case Management
Care Facilitators and Skill Training Specialists are case management positions that help youth and families or adults in our community live healthier and more fulfilling lives through identifying and supporting their needs and goals. Care facilitators specialize in managing the care provided and helping gain access to the services needed to meet the client’s goals. Skills training specialist focus on teaching skills needed to succeed at home, at school, or in the community.  These skills center primarily on activities of daily living, social interactions, and emotion regulation.
Both positions interact directly with clients. The frequency of interactions varies with the need and availability of the client, but usually ranges from one to four times per week. Work hours may include availability in the evenings and possibly weekends. Positions interact frequently with outpatient therapists, medication prescribers, physicians, community agencies, referrals sources and other services. Caseload sizes vary depending on training needs, case complexity, frequency of visits, and other assigned duties. Documentation of all youth and family interactions will be in the electronic medical record.
Care Facilitator primary duties include:
-         Developing and providing ongoing evaluation of a treatment plan that supports the client’s goals
-         Helping to obtain services needed to support the goals including food or housing assistance, medical care, Social Security benefits, transportation, skills training, etc.
-         Serving as a link between providers including DCS, court, schools, healthcare providers, employers, community agencies and other Oaklawn services
Skills Training Specialist primary duties include:
-         Working with clients one-on-one in multiple settings to develop skills such as:
o  Identifying and expressing feelings in a positive way
o  Cooperating with peers and adults
o  Communicating needs in a healthy manner
o  Organizing self for home, school and activities
o  Managing impulsive behavior and anger
o  Making better choices and solving problems
-         Working with youth and families in their home or other locations to develop skills such as:
o  Communicating needs and feelings in a healthy manner
o  Organizing of home including rules, discipline, and chores
Minimum Hiring Requirements:
-         BA/BS required (BA/BS in social service or a human services-related field preferred)
-         Two years’ experience in a social service setting preferred
-         Must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance
We offer competitive compensation, a full benefits package (also available for many part-time positions) and career advancement opportunities.