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Fund for Wisconsin Scholars Peer Mentor 2021-2022

Fund For Wisconsin Scholars (FFWS) Peer Mentor Position

The FFWS Student Peer Mentor serves as a campus contact person for FFWS grant recipients with emphasis on First Year Grant Recipients and New Transfer Grant Recipients. Students who meet the Job Specifications set forth on the bottom of this page are highly encouraged to apply for a Peer Mentor position.

Under the direct supervision of the Mentor Program Supervisor, the general responsibilities of the Peer Mentor are:

●      to provide information about the FFWS grant program to the FFWS grant recipients.
●      to provide support and resource information that will assist FFWS grant recipients in achieving their goal of college graduation.
●      to serve as a liaison between the Mentor Program Supervisor and the FFWS grant recipients. 
●      to be knowledgeable about campus support services and how to refer FFWS grant recipients to those services when appropriate.
●      to participate in Peer Mentor training provided by the Mentor Program Supervisor. Training topics inclusive of, but not limited to: role of a Peer Mentor; diversity/racial equity; confidentiality; respectful boundaries, anti-harassment and nondiscriminatory behavior; campus resources, and other topics as relevant.

Specific Responsibilities
1.   When instructed, contact each of the newly selected First Year Grant Recipients and New Transfer Grant Recipients to review the offer email and attachments and make certain they have thoroughly completed and returned the Student Response Form. If needed, work with the Mentor Program Supervisor to do individual email, phone, and other outreach to new First Year Grant Recipients and New Transfer Grant Recipients to assist them with completing the Student Response Form and accepting the FFWS grant. A list of students who are newly selected to receive the FFWS grant and their contact information will be provided by campus Financial Aid or the Mentor Program Supervisor.

2.   Confirm with the Financial Aid Office that its list of FFWS grant recipients matches the list used for the Mentor Program. Resolve any issues and/or communicate any problems to the Mentor Program Supervisor.

3.   Coordinate and make all arrangements for a kickoff/welcome event for First Year Grant Recipients, New Transfer Grant Recipients, and FFWS grant recipients who recently transferred to campus. Include all FFWS grant recipients on campus in the invitation. Ensure that event costs align with the budget.

4.   Make a minimum of two individual contacts with each First Year Grant Recipient each month, and meet individually with each First Year Grant Recipient and New Transfer Grant Recipient by February. Notify Mentor Program Supervisor of any students not responding to your efforts each month to discuss and coordinate further outreach efforts, if needed for those students.

 5.   Invite an FFWS representative to campus for one FFWS activity. Invite and encourage all FFWS grant recipients on campus to attend that event.

6.   Keep a log of the contacts made with each First Year Grant Recipient and New Transfer Grant Recipient, using a template provided by FFWS. Submit the log to the campus Mentor Program Supervisor monthly.

7.   Review the following topics with First Year Grant Recipients each semester: 
●      the criteria for continuing to receive the FFWS grant
●      the procedures when transferring to another school
●      the procedures for appealing the loss of the grant and the circumstances under which it is appropriate to file an appeal

8.   Assist Mentor Program Supervisor with arrangements for FFWS receptions/dinners or other events held on campus. Attend the event with the FFWS Board members.
Upon request by FFWS to Campus Mentor Supervisor

9.   Provide feedback to Mentor Program Supervisor regarding your experience as a Peer Mentor.

 Job Specifications
  1. Junior or Senior class standing preferred; strong Sophomore candidates may be considered.
  2. Have received the FFWS grant continuously since first semester at current college. Prior active involvement with Mentor Program preferred.
  3. Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0; 2.5 or higher GPA preferred.
  4. Actively use official campus email address. Have internet access. 
  5. Record hours worked per campus student employment system.
  6. Have ability to organize information, materials and activities.
  7. Have strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
  8. Possess a willing and enthusiastic attitude regarding working with students with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  9. Possess a positive attitude about college experience.
  10. Be accurate in data entry and other responsibilities that require attention to detail.
  11. Be responsible and reliable.
  12. Agree to maintain confidentiality by not disclosing any information about the FFWS grant recipients without the expressed permission of the recipient.
  13. Work an average of 8-12 hours per week.
  14. Hourly wage typical of on campus employment, $10 per hour
  15. Work under the supervision of a designated campus Mentor Program Supervisor.
  16. Preference given to students who can articulate the connection between this job and their future career goals.