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Research Assistant

Employer/DeptUniversity of Colorado Denver/ English 
SupervisorDr. Kari Campeau
Job Title: Research Assistant
Job Location/AddressCU Denver/ Fully Remote
Purpose: The R.A. will help me conduct and analyze research for a study on the experiences and motivations of participants in COVID-19 vaccine trials.
Position Description: The R.A. will assist primarily with data collection and data analysis, including the following:
  • participant recruitment (online)
  •  open-ended, qualitative interviews (Zoom)
  • survey distribution and data collection
  •  interview transcription and de-identification
  • social media data collection
  • data analysis (collaborative coding of interview transcripts, survey data, and social media data)
  • Collaboration - discussing our methods, emerging findings, and progress as a research team 
All research activities for this study are designed to be carried out online/remotely.
Duties and Responsibilities:  Duties and responsibilities involve supporting qualitative research on vaccination decision-making. Duties may include the following:
  • Online recruitment
  • Online survey distribution
  • Interview scheduling & administration of informed consent documents
  • Co-conducting qualitative, in depth interviews (over Zoom or the phone)
  • Transcribing and de-identifying Interview audio recordings
  • Data analysis (collaborative coding of interview transcripts, survey data, and social media data)
  • Writing field notes and reflexive journaling
  • Participating in research meetings and discussions of findings
  • Helping to support public dissemination of research findings (e.g., keeping up a website where we post along-the-way updates about our findings)
All research activities for this study are designed to be carried out remotely.
As the principal investigator, I’m also interested in what you want to gain from this position. We’ll talk about your own goals and adjust responsibilities to support these goals.
Skills and Knowledge Gained: 
  • Project management- Helping to organize a multi-part research study.
  • Collaboration / Remote collaboration- Working with principal investigator and fellow research assistant(s) to collect data, analyze data, track progress, and discuss emerging findings and new directions
  • Qualitative research skills- Participating in: qualitative interviews; survey design; collection and storage of survey data; collection and storage of social media data; maintenance of field notes and observation; data analysis (inductive and thematic coding and basic quantitative data)
  • Handling participant confidentiality & privacy in research- All participants in this study are promised anonymity. You will gain experience working in accordance to Institutional Review Board (IRB) confidentiality and privacy protocols.
  • Critical thinking- Participating in data analysis, research meetings, and the public dissemination of research findings
  • Communication skills- Sending recruitment emails; corresponding with participants; conducting qualitative interviews; contributing to the translation of research findings for a public audience
  • Web writing/web design- Helping to design a website where we will publish study updates and links to publications and other repress. The goal here is to make sure people, especially participants, can access our research and emerging findings outside of paywall-ed academic research articles.
Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Attention to detail

Preferred Qualifications: 
  • Strong interest in health communication and qualitative research
Position Commitment: 
10 hours per week

Additional Documents/How to Apply:
All applicants will be asked to submit a CV/resume, cover letter, transcript documenting enrollment, and current work-study award letter.

This position is available from May 1- July 31, 2021; employment may continue at Dr. Kari Campeau's discretion. Please contact Dr. Campaeu ( with any questions about the position.