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America Reads Tutor


Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1. Tutors assist children, pre-school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten through sixth grade in development of reading skills and enjoyment.
2. Tutors engage in academic activities with selected students either one-on-one or with small groups.
3. Tutors assist children with homework and instructional projects
4. Tutors will collaborate with the community agency supervisor and staff members to assess the student’s needs and how best to address them. Many of the children who the tutors work with are performing below their expected academic grade level.
5. Communicate effectively with the agency supervisor and administrators
6. Tutors will provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate and build confidence in students.
7. Tutors will complete daily reading logs, daily homework assignment logs and weekly feedback reports on each student.
8. Tutors will participate in professional develop trainings to learn “best practices” in the areas of reading, math, language development, social and emotional and cognitive development.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Gained in this Role
This position will teach students to convey ideas effectively and ethically in oral, written, and visual forms across public, private, interpersonal and team settings, using face-to face and mediated channels.
Students will find and use a variety of credible information sources.
Students will observe listen and read for information.
Students will operate with civility and cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships with other.
Students will engage other respectfully and motivate others.
Students will use visual imagery effectively with oral and written ideas.
Problem Solver
This position will teach students to work individually and with others to collect, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to implement innovative solutions to challenging local and global problems.
Students will cultivate healthy, meaningful relationship with others.
Students will listen attentively to others and respond appropriately.
Students will use complex information from a variety of sources including personal experiences and observation to draw logical conclusions and form a decision or opinion.
Students will examine the effectiveness and impact of solutions and make specific recommendations for future improvement.
This position will teach students to build on experiences and disciplinary expertise to approach new situation and circumstances in original ways, is willing to take risks with ideas and pose solution.
Students will indicate an intense interest in an area; show substantial knowledge and understanding of at least one field of study.
Students will connect, synthesize, or transform ideas into new ones.
Students will integrate communication in ways that enhance knowledge and understanding.
Students will transfer skills, theories, abilities, and methodologies by adapting or applying to new situations.
Students will identify and adjust behaviors by applying previously understood information, concepts and experiences to a new situation or setting.
Community Contributor
This position will teach students to be active and valued contributors on campus and in communities locally and globally.
Students will communicate effectively with others in a variety of settings.
Students will engage others, civilly and with respect.
Students will recognize and appreciate cultural differences and initiate interactions with those who are culturally different.
Students will exhibit respect for and preserve the dignity of others.
Students will understand the ethical principles of other cultures, societies, and environments.
Students will cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships.

Required Qualifications
● Must qualify for the Federal Work Study Program
● Excellent reading skills and willingness to share your “love of reading”
● Attention to details regarding paperwork and the completion of children’s progress reports
● Creativity and enthusiasm when covering lesson plans and teaching children to read
● Excellent people skills, enthusiasm for helping children, respectful attitude
● Ability to work separately with the student within a larger context of child/tutor groups
● Strong verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications
● Experience tutoring school age children (preferred, not required)
● Experience working with children age 3-5
● Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office
● Due to COVID-19, comfortable with shifting routines and school schedules