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Digital Marketing Project Manager

Company Overview

At Attract Great Guys, we help Ambitious Women improve their lives, feel more confident, and meet the man of their dreams with evidence-based dating and personal development strategies. We believe that relationships are the most valuable part of life—family, friends, and romantic partners—and our mission is to help create more loving connections in this increasingly disconnected world.

We are emotional storytellers, coaches, influencers, digital marketers and builders.  Our YouTube channel has rapidly grown to 330,000 subscribers and over 25MM views.

We’re not your "classic" company: we’re counter-culture, rebellious and determined to be the best at what we do.  We focus on results and performance over company “politics,” and we push the limits in each other to grow as much as possible.
In a dating landscape that can be filled with pseudo-science and unhealthy advice...we work with evolutionary psychologists and the world’s top personal development researchers to create the most effective online courses possible.

Job Overview

We are searching for an expert project manager with experience working with digital marketing teams.

As a core member of our small team, you’ll wear different hats while specializing in project management.  Our projects are diverse.  From developing human-centered processes to producing video shoots with a team of 8 professionals in digital marketing, YouTube production, sales and coaching. Our team is currently 100% remote.

The Marketing Project Manager must be proactive (hustles and doesn’t wait for instructions), have a growth mindset, and a relentless pursuit to learn and execute efficiently. You will be working with the founder closely.

This is currently a remote position, however, we prefer candidates located in the Chicago area to be able to support video production.

Responsibilities and Duties

In this role, you will be responsible for managing a team of 10 that all have 10-20 ongoing tasks. As you can see, 20 tasks x 10 is over 200 moving parts, so amazing attention to detail, memory and ability to work in that sort of ‘messy’ environment is needed.

Your role is to be the central brain or glue to the team. You need to make sure the team has a clear roadmap, aligned communication, and scoreboard.

This job needs a very unique person with a very strong personality that can hold people accountable no matter what, while being able to juggle 100s of tasks at one time. It is a full time role and weekends / evenings are required.

You also need to understand funnels, flows, big picture parts of a funnel (how its made from strategy, copy, tech, design, Fb ad, data etc) and connect all those 5-6 steps with the teams and department. If you don’t know what what an upsell or optin page is, you won’t manage in this role.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • At least 2 years experienced working as a project manager for a high-growth digital marketing marketing or tech company
  • A good understanding of digital marketing metrics and how digital marketing agencies deliver results for their clients. If you don’t know what a funnel is, you probably won’t be a fit.
  • Done your research on Attract Great Guys and can clearly articulate what we’re about, what we do, and who our clients are
  • Must understand all aspects of digital marketing at a basic level – strategy, copywriting, funnel building, email automation, FB ads
  • Be a master with Asana and be able to manage 100s of tasks error free, even when working long days
  • Have basic entrepreneurial traits, including high-level logical thinking and problem solving.
  • Extremely professional and committed to tight deadlines when necessary
  • Be ready to join a team, make team calls, and partake in personal development.
  • This role isn’t for someone looking for the freelance life where you work when you want or feel like it — you will be part of a growing team and thriving team environment.
  • You must be committed to this and treat like your own business.

The position is part-time for the first 30 days and then will be a full-time 40+ working as a project manager reporting directly to the founder. Ultimately, we need someone highly organized who is ready to step in and be proactive to support the projects whenever necessary.