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Global Climate Pledge Research and Communications Associate

Global Climate Pledge Research and Communications Associate

(Virtual Unpaid Internship)
The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is seeking dedicated, organized, and self-starting individuals with an interest in Climate Change, the environment, sustainability and international relations for our newest project:

She/He/They will select from a variety of INTERNATIONAL research topics and communications areas such as:

·       Climate Change Solutions and Practices
·       Climate Change and Sustainability Non-Profit organizations
·       Sustainable businesses (Large corps, as well as small to midsize)
·       Green Universities and/or Clubs
·       Eco-Athletes and/or Green Sports (both professional and amateurs)
·       Sustainable Fashion (all facets)
·       Green Cities, Countries, and governments
·       Global Media and PR firms, outlets, etc.
·       Sustainable Agriculture, Food production, transportation, etc.
·       Innovative Solutions
·       Clubs, including book clubs, accounting, biker clubs, etc. etc.
·       Etc.

She/He/They may engage in a variety of tasks including:
·       Identifying and communicating with potential strategic partners
·       Development of Social Media content
·       Strategy and Delivery of Social Media materials
·       Deep research on the overall topic/segment.
·       Strategic Planning
·       Research and development of e-learning tools
·       Providing an inclusive and supportive team culture
·       Identifying impactful global leaders and including them in the Global Sustainability Leaders series
·       Collaborating with other USGCC teams to further the Global Climate Pledge outreach
·       Video Production (for those interested)
·       Graphic Design
Learning Benefits:

Interns will:

·       Learn to work in a professional real-world setting and will be part of planning, executing and participating in international partnership, business and other meetings.
·       Learn the specifics of how to research their selected topic, how it relates to climate change, and the impacts climate change will have on that segment of the population.
·       Be fully immersed in communication with international leaders and will learn how to communicate effectively and professionally, while also being sensitive to different cultural norms in the business world. They will first dive into the basic information related to culture and business etiquette.
·       Learn how to develop and be part of the strategic planning process for new programs.
·       Gain experience in designing, developing and creating a plan for social media platforms and posts.
·       Learn about general Climate Change and Business sustainability program and solutions beyond their area of focus
·       Experience how to work with a team in achieving short-term and long-term goals
·       Be provided an opportunity to learn how to write and post blogs related to their topic.
·       Be provided opportunities to help create new and improve existing processes to create continued efficiency.
·       Gain understanding on reporting
·       Work with our team to identify areas to further develop reports and content based upon their findings ---and help identify areas of opportunities for change.
·       Develop Leadership skills in the business world.
·       Learn how to write effective and compelling emails
·       Learn organizational and project management skills

- Interns will be on the front lines of building the most ambitious, most inclusive international climate movement. They will be helping to make sustainability changes on a global scale and working with our team to build an extensive team, solutions and proven sustainability practices, policies, solutions and experts.


·       Passion for Climate Change Action
·       Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)
·       Strong organization skills
·       Research Experience
·       Dependable
·       Works Independently
·       Strong Computer Skills
·       Leadership skills
·       Time Management skills

Work is accomplished remotely/virtually

Intern Supervision
·       Regular emails, updates and phone calls with USGCC staff and teams. These will take place at a set date and time at least once a week or more depending upon the # of hours committed to internship.
·       Weekly Time cards will be submitted by intern
·       Weekly To-Do items, notes, and schedule of exact work hours and times will be submitted by Intern based upon the weekly call
·       Weekly written reports will be submitted, as well as midweek updates.
·       Final Report of Key Accomplishments, total hours, and successes will be submitted at end of Internship.

Please contact Michelle Thatcher if you are interested in this great opportunity!
Michelle Thatcher: