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Comprehensive Care, Community, and Culture (C4P) AmeriCorps Members - Full and Part Time Positions at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, IL!

AmeriCorps & C4P

We are now accepting applications for AmeriCorps positions beginning in Spring and Summer 2022. We have open positions that are 20, 30, or 40 hours per week for 6, 8, or 10 months. Contact us to learn more about what types of positions may be available!

We are currently prioritizing applications for Ingalls Memorial Hospital located in Harvey, Illinois. Positions that are based 100% at Ingalls and split between University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) in Hyde Park and Ingalls are available.

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a national service program that involves people in “getting things done” in communities. AmeriCorps members develop an ethic of service while strengthening local communities. Each year in Illinois, thousands of AmeriCorps members give millions of dollars in service back to their communities. 

What is C4P?

The Comprehensive Care, Community and Culture Program (C4P) aims to improve the overall health and well-being of patients in the program by addressing a wide range of medical and social needs. The C4P program builds off of the Comprehensive Care Physician Program, which offers patients at high risk of hospitalization a comprehensive care physician (CCP) who cares for them in both the hospital and the clinic. In addition to receiving care from a CCP, C4P patients are regularly asked about a range of unmet social needs and given access to a community health worker and community-based arts and culture programming. The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has funded a randomized trial of C4P at the University of Chicago.
Thanks to support of AmeriCorps members, we've been able to expand to C4P to Ingalls Memorial Hospital.

Where will I serve as a C4P AmeriCorps member?

We are currently accepting applications for the following site:
  • Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Illinois. Most members find that a car is helpful and/or necessary in getting from their home to this site, however we encourage potential candidates to explore public transit options. 

Applicants may apply to both sites but they must submit a separate application to both application portals (see below for more information). Ingalls positions based 100% at Ingalls and positions that split time between Ingalls and University of Chicago Medical Center in Hyde Park are available.

What will I do as an AmeriCorps member with C4P?

AmeriCorps members will be responsible for extending the reach of the C4P program to impact patient experience with care and health outcomes, lower hospitalization rates, and resolve unmet social needs for participants. Program activities may vary based on programmatic needs and the needs of the service site.

At the University of Chicago Medical Center, AmeriCorps members will:
  1. Recruit Medicare patients of diverse ages who are at increased risk of hospitalization for the C4P program, which is designed to serve their medical and social needs
  2. Help evaluate the effects of the C4P program and conduct three month follow up phone calls with participants
  3. Leverage volunteers to help recruit participants and evaluate the C4P program
  4. Assess hospitalized patients for unmet medical and social needs
  5. Serve as community resources specialist and help implement community-based arts and culture programming
  6. Support community outreach activities related to Vitamin D, COVID-19, and overall health 

At Ingalls Memorial Hospital, AmeriCorps members will:
  1. Help launch a new C4P program and related research study
  2. Recruit patients of diverse ages who are at increased risk of hospitalization for C4P at Ingalls
  3. Help evaluate the effects of the C4P program and conduct three month follow up phone calls with participants
  4. Assess hospitalized patients for unmet medical and social needs
  5. Support C4P at Ingalls to address a range of social barriers for patients
  6. Support community outreach activities related to Vitamin D, COVID-19, and overall health 

What are the program eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to serve as an AmeriCorps member, you must:
  • Be 18 years or older. We encourage adults over 55 years old to apply too!
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Some college experience is preferred, although individuals with a high school diploma or equivalent are welcome to apply
  • Members who serve at UChicago Medical Center may be required to work some evening or weekend hours.
  • Members who serve at Ingalls must be able to get to the site; many members find that a car is necessary to get from their home to their host site and back, although we encourage members to explore public transportation options.

What are the expectations and benefits of being a member?

Below are the details for positions requiring 40 hours per week over 10-11 months, or 1700 hours of service. Positions that are 20 or 30 hours per week are also available and will be a good fit for candidates looking to start in winter or spring 2022, as well as positions that are full time but shorter term (6-9 months); stipends and educational awards are prorated accordingly. Please contact us to discuss!

As a member, you will:
  • Complete at least 1700 hours of service (40 hours per week) over 10-11 months, for full time members. Some evening and weekend hours are required.
  • Receive a living allowance of $19,200 over the course of your year of service. Pay is disbursed biweekly.
  • Earn a Segal Education grant in the amount of $6,345 that can be applied to student tuition or loans within seven years of completing your year of service. If you are older than 55 at the time of service, you can give the education grant to a child or grandchild.
  • Health insurance, including dental and vision, if not already covered.
  • Eligibility to apply for loan forbearance and interest accrual payments through AmeriCorps
  • Professional and career development opportunities
  • The opportunity to attend workshops, seminars, and trainings at the University of Chicago
  • Gain experience and knowledge of the research process, the health care system, and social services.

How is the C4P AmeriCorps member experience impacted by COVID-19?
Although in person engagement is critical to the work we do, we also prioritize safety of our members. New members who join us in the fall of the 2021-22 academic year should anticipate completing their service predominantly in person; however, individuals who, due to individual risk, are interested in completing some of their service remotely should contact us to discuss. Our program follows local and institution-wide guidance regarding masking and social distancing, and we thank members in advance for their flexibility if a transition to teleservice is required at some point during the program year.

How do I apply?
To apply to positions at both University of Chicago and Ingalls, you must submit a separate application through each of the application portals on our website. Please note that if you apply to Ingalls you will be able to discuss during a phone screen whether a position based fully at Ingalls, or one split between Ingalls and UCMC is the best fit. Applicants applying to the UCMC site will be considered for roles split between C4P and Vitamin D.

You will be asked to submit:
  1. A resume
  2. A cover letter or statement describing your interest in the C4P AmeriCorps Program

Select candidates will be invited to interview over the phone or in person.