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Virtual Event Management/Hospitality Summer/Fall Internship (unpaid)

Easy Event Planning LLC (EEP) realizes that this pandemic can impact the event management/hotel management/hospitality students most of all and we have a great set of projects that we are creating just for you to work on. The internship can help you build an impressive portfolio of event ideas and also allow you to make important connections in your area. You may be selected to lead a team as well. We believe this internship can help you tremendously when looking for your next position, given what may now be a challenging job market for the immediate future.

We will help the industry rebuild from this devastating setback. We will do that several ways, by:
1.     Creating resources for event vendors (venues, florists, DJs, etc) so they are aware of all the help that is available to them. This could be a list of financial resources they might be able to tap into, free mentoring services, helpful guides on how to promote themselves on social media, etc.
2.     Creating a sense of community – we will create a Facebook group to unite vendors around the country who can share ideas, concerns, strategies and more.
3.     Giving vendors a number of ways to grow their business at no cost through free profiles at, uploading an introductory video, networking, getting featured in a blog article you write, etc. We will also give free advertising at our site to any business who is currently helping healthcare heroes in any way with food, lodging, flower deliveries and more.
4.     Providing planners with concrete advice on things like hosting a virtual event and keeping guests safe once social distancing is eased but while we don’t yet have a vaccine. We will also write an e-book on how to plan every imaginable type of event (that will include planning checklists, budget worksheets, ideas for favors/themes/decorations, etc). You will have an opportunity to be very creative.

We will also still write about all the fun aspects of planning an event like: 
·       Unique gender reveal ideas
·       Do-it-yourself décor tips for an anniversary party
·       Latest bridal party attire trends
·       Top wedding colors for 2020
·       How to track down fellow graduates for a high school reunion
·       How to host a (virtual) team-building event

You will have the opportunity to build a network in your home town or the area in which you hope to work upon graduation by reaching out to all kinds of event vendors to invite them to join that Facebook group, create a free profile, etc. You can become intimately familiar with all of the players in your area and will add businesses we are missing. You will become a more attractive candidate when you can already bring to the table a deep knowledge of the local area and can say you were part of the critical rebuilding process in the industry.

If event businesses with whom you connect make a purchase at the site, you are comissioned on that even though you are not in a sales role per se. We also do have a straight-commission sales internship available. It's a great opportunity to get sales experience, as so many event planning/hospitality students will end up in sales at some point in their careers.

EEP is a technology company that is changing the way events are planned across the US. Users can find the services they need (we have the largest event directory in the US), use helpful planning tools and get great ideas from our blog – all in one site. They will soon be able to request tips for their own event at no charge as well. The site is poised to become very high-profile in coming years. 

This is a 100% virtual (unpaid) internship and you have a great deal of flexibility on when you work. Communication will take place via Zoom, Skype video, audio and chat.

You can apply here but also need to complete this form.

Easy Event Planning LLC is headquartered in Nevada. EIN 80-0188059. Business license available upon request. You can learn more about us here. We abide by US Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines.

Can I get credit for this internship?
Absolutely. Just let us know what paperwork your school requires and give us 7 days’ notice when evaluations must be submitted.

How many positions are available?
We’re doing our best to accommodate as many students as possible and because we meet in groups and everyone is essentially doing the same thing but in a different target area, we could conceivably take 50 or more students for this project.

Who is managing you as an intern?
Ms. Kilmer, our CEO, is mentoring this group and providing all instruction personally. Students are put on teams to facilitate better communication. There is a weekly roundup meeting with all students so they can ask questions, brainstorm, give feedback and get advice/mentoring from Ms. Kilmer. She also meets with the team leaders every week and is available if any particular team needs more guidance.
How many hours do you require? 
10 is really the minimum for you to learn, build contacts, create a portfolio, etc.

What hours can I work?
There is a lot of flexibility and you can work this around another internship or job. If you are working on vendor outreach you can contact vendors via email/social media from 7am-9pm your time. If you are calling them, you need to do that during regular business hours.

What do we look for in an intern?
We love working with students who really want to make a difference and not do the minimum required. We need all students to responsive and proactive.

What are the weekly requirements?
You must indicate which days/hours you plan to work for the following week and then record actual hours worked each work day, attend at least one if not all three weekly meeting with your team, attend a weekly meeting with the CEO, track your weekly progress (how many vendors you contacted, how many set up a profile, how many blog articles you wrote, etc).

What skills would I develop?
Communication skills first and foremost would be developed, as you’ll be reaching out to vendors via email, social media and phone. You'd learn extensively about the event businesses who make up your local community. You’ll learn how to use Hubspot, a very popular Customer Relationship Management platform. You’ll learn how to write great blog article, which is actually a lot harder than it sounds. You’ll learn how to brainstorm ideas in a group and how to do online research as well.

Can I work on your Honor and Thank initiative as well?
Yes. You can actually complete two internships in one if you like. is a platform that allows anyone to show gratitude to our healthcare workers who are risking their own lives to save their fellow Americans.