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The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (CCDC SC) is located at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Center in Natick, Massachusetts, under the Army Futures Command. CCDC SC supports Soldier-related research, development, testing and evaluation efforts. CCDC SC’s highly skilled team of scientist perform a variety of research that includes, Soldier's uniforms, meals ready to eat (MREs), tents, sleeping bags, to parachutes and airdrop capabilities. If the Soldiers wear it, eat it, sleep under it, or have it airdropped to them, the product research and development can be traced back to the mission of CCDC SC.
Research under The Human Factors Team at CCDC SC will focus on the systematic application of human systems integration (HSI), human factors (HF), and ergonomic principles to product research, design, development, test and evaluation. The research conducted will support the mission of CCDC SC by ensuring military-oriented products are compatible with the intended users and the users’ physical environment, maintain users’ health and safety, enhance users’ functional effectiveness and optimizes the users’ interface.
This opportunity will support the execution of applied human factors research and product assessments related to military-Soldier related products. Under the guidance of a mentor, as a CCDC SC participant you will have an opportunity to learn and perform the following activities and tasks:
• Review product requirements and determine the HSI/HF attributes that require assessment
• Develop detailed test plans or test strategies that will fully address the HSI/HF attributes
• Develop data collection tools to capture subjective data (rating scales, yes/no or open-ended responses) and objective, measurable data (timed data, accuracy)
• Prepare for laboratory and field evaluation
• Conduct anthropometric body measurements of clothed test participants (training will be provided)
• Conduct laboratory and/or field evaluations, utilizing active duty military personnel as test participants
• Conduct focus group discussions with test participants
• Data entry and analysis using advanced statistical techniques to analyze data (SPSS or excel) and development of data tables that presents data results in understandable format
• Preparation of comprehensive report of results that outlines the methods used, data results, conclusions, interpretations and recommendations
In addition, this experience will also provide you the opportunities to showcase your knowledge as you will have an opportunity to provide guidance and solutions to the interpreted data and findings. Your mentor will also develop learning objects to fit your personal career development goals, while providing guidance and education that will prepare you for the labor force.
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Appointment Length
An ORISE appointment period can be a short-term (less than 2 weeks), summer (10-12 weeks), or yearlong appointment. Faculty appointments are generally for 10-12 weeks during the summer, but appointments during the academic year are also available. Appointments may be extended depending on funding availability, project assignment, program rules, and availability of the participant.

Participant Benefits
Participants will receive a stipend to be determined by CCDC Soldier Center. Stipends are typically based on the participant’s academic standing, discipline, experience, and research facility location. Other benefits may include the following:
  • Health Insurance Supplement. Participants are eligible to purchase health insurance through ORISE.
  • Relocation Allowance
  • Training and Travel Allowance

Nature of Appointment
The participant will not enter into an employee/employer relationship with ORISE, ORAU, DOD, or any other office or agency. Instead, the participant will be affiliated with ORISE for the administration of the appointment through the ORISE appointment letter and Terms of Appointment.

An ideal candidate will possess high-quality interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, as well as the enthusiastic ability to interact professionally and participate as a team member.
Knowledge experience in research methods, technical report writing, human factors principles, and data analysis are desired. Candidates who are eager to learn and/or implement the unique HSI/HF techniques associated with the RDT&E of military products intended to optimize user-system effectiveness, safety and interaction are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen Only
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree received within the last 60 months or currently pursuing.
  • Discipline(s): Communications and Graphics Design (2 )
  • Computer Sciences (17 )
  • Environmental and Marine Sciences (13 )
  • Life Health and Medical Sciences (47 )
  • Mathematics and Statistics (11 )
  • Nanotechnology (1 )
  • Physics (16 )
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (32 )