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Denison University is fortunate to have multiple partnerships with generous alumni and external organizations. Through these partnerships, the Denison Internship Program is able to support a stipend system linked to students completing internships. Internship stipends are awarded to students based on a formal application process that includes a resume, essay, student-generated budget, and an institutional assessment of one's financial need, campus conduct, and academic eligibility. The process is competitive, as applications are reviewed individually with a rubric and by a committee. The stipends are allotted on a rolling basis, so early submission of the application is highly recommended. The application process will close when all funding is allotted and that date may vary from year to year. Please note the following information and schedule an appointment with someone in C4CX to discuss your application.

  •  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the spring semester in Handshake. Paper applications are unacceptable. There is a normal waiting period of 2 weeks after submission before a decision is shared via email by Career Exploration staff.
  • Applications should be submitted by/before May 31, 2016. Late applications will not be reviewed. It is possible that funding will be depleted prior to May 31, so please plan accordingly.
  •  If an applicant receives a score very near the threshold for funding as determined internally by the review committee, the applicant might be invited to reapply for further consideration on/after May 1, 2016. However, if an applicant’s first attempt is on/after May 1, 2016, that applicant will not have an opportunity to reapply no matter the result. Please submit your best work for review.


If the stipend review committee awards you an internship stipend based on stated considerations in its review process, you are required to follow the directions of the Denison Internship Program.

• Complete a “thank you” note.
• A report may be required depending on funding source. (Expect a message revealing details by the end of the summer term.)
• Generate a poster through Microsoft PowerPoint or another similar program. Details regarding this poster assignment, including a sample poster template, will be shared along with your award letter. As a stipend recipient, you are encouraged to be creative in your presentation and all recipients are required to present a poster or approved project during the fall term. Students who are studying abroad in the fall should still produce a project/poster.

As always, Denison interns are expected to:
• Complete the Internship Form in Handshake after accepting an offer to intern and complete the Self-Evaluation near the end of the internship. If one is balancing multiple internships over the summer, separate forms are needed. Links to forms are located on the Handshake Home screen. Questions? Contact Career Exploration for help.
• Engage in 100+ total hours, and acknowledge that arrangements and costs associated with travel, housing, etc., are your responsibility. Please plan accordingly.
• Conduct selves ethically and professionally in the workplace. Interns are considered representatives of the Denison University community and should set positive examples.
• Alert CE&D immediately following any questionable and/or uncomfortable situations if they arise in the workplace.
• Maximize internship experiences by seeking regular feedback and direction from supervisors in addition to setting goals/objectives to help guide internship experiences.

*It is important to note the sources related to one’s assessment of cost of living expenses and that the maximum amount of stipend funding is $4,000 across one’s Denison career. Utilize resources like Google Maps,,’s Cost of Living Calculator, college housing or apartment resources, etc.

Applicants should submit a competitive resume in their application. Students can leverage Quick Advising times in Career Exploration and/or schedule an appointment with an advisor.

  • Applicants should submit a two-page essay, double-spaced (at least 1.5-spaced), preferably addressing a specific internship. It is imperative that all prompts are addressed in the essay:
  1. Reviewers are interested in how well one articulates one’s specific career exploration goals and/or needs.
  2. How specific academic courses prepared one for the internship/field.
  3. What one intends to learn from the experience.
  4. What specific skills one hopes to develop, and how one feels he/she can contribute to an organization.
  5. Address how participation in this internship might affect your summer earning potential.

Upload your resume and combine your stipend application, budget & essay as "other document".


Which Denison students are eligible for stipend funding consideration?
• First years, sophomores, and juniors planning to complete paid or unpaid summer internships of at least 100 hours.

What is the purpose of seeking a stipend?
• Stipends are awarded to help offset the cost of housing, daily transportation, food, and/or potential lost wages.

How much are students awarded?
• Total stipend funding cannot exceed $4000 across one's Denison experience. Stipends are never guaranteed to students.

Is Financial Need a factor?
• Financial need is just one component of the overall decision. Students are expected to submit a well-written essay and budget. Details can be found on the application on Handshake.

Do I need a confirmed internship before beginning my application for stipend funding?
• No. However, preference will be given to those who request funding for a specific internship. If one elects to pursue funding for 2+ internships, separate budgets and (potentially) lengthier essays are expected in the application. No funding will be awarded until internship and pay rate are confirmed. If you have questions, contact a member of the C4CX team.

What about these extra costs and/or fees I see associated with some internship programs out there?
• Stipends cannot support administrative/overhead charges tied to placement organizations. A common example of such a fee is a down-payment associated with a global internship placement agency. To apply for a stipend, ask the placement agency for a breakdown of fees so that housing, transportation, and food costs are evident.

What else should I know now – before I really start preparing?
• Stipends cannot support an internship one already experienced during a previous term.
• If a stipend recipient is not enrolled as a full-time student following a stipend-supported internship, the stipend repayment process will be initiated.

*Please note that internship stipends are considered income, and therefore, must be reported on your taxes. At the end of the year, Denison will send you a 1099 form reporting this, and other income (such as scholarships exceeding the cost of tuition) so you can claim the income on your taxes.

All students must apply via this Handshake posting.

Stipend Application:

How to apply: Click the green "Apply" button the right side of your screen; attach an updated resume; your Stipend/Budget Application will be uploaded as "other document".

You may register your internship here (please complete before, or within the first few days of your internship).