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Social Impact & Advocacy College Campus Ambassador | Harvard Innovation Lab VIP incubated Mental Health Non-Profit Organization


Do you want to learn how to improve the world? Ever wonder what it would be like to get in at the ground level working in tandem with a transformative organization just as they started growing rapidly while working to positively impact the lives of 1000's, 100,000's or 1,000,000s?? 

At Ignite Mental Health we're mobilizing, supporting and uniting world-class mental health entrepreneurs/organizations while concurrently mobilizing students at scale to achieve Three Utopian Mental Health Goals focused on college and high school campuses. Using this novel approach we're working to make the impossible inevitable; helping build and scale breakthrough organizations and movements to be as impactful as Facebook and Google but which address the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health!
Become a member of a student-run mission-driven team which grew rapidly from the Harvard and MIT communities (with the help of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program) to become a nationwide effort in just 9 months!!
As a member of the team on your campus, will perch atop a transformative organization focused on social impact and have the chance to join us on our journey seeking to transform mental health on US Campuses. We are recruiting on almost every campus throughout the US so feel free to apply for your campus!

What will you get to do? / Responsibilities

  • Social Impact & Advocacy Campus Leads are a talented group of highly capable Changemakers who electrify Ignite Mental Health's mission on US College Campuses. They have the opportunity to lead the creation and implementation of scrappy, entrepreneurial and out of the box strategies to achieve their Monthly Missions, all aligned with the social impact and achieving the changes in mental health which Ignite is working towards!
  • They get to join an active and engaged community of likeminded passionate peers from campuses throughout the United States who want to instigate change to achieve the social change we are working towards!
  • They have the opportunity to become influential figures for change on their campuses through creating relationships and working with the Presidents of some of the largest student organizations, as well as the movers and shakers (influencers), on their campuses to mobilize and reach A LOT of students to instigate change!
  • They will be focused on acting as a connector, mobilizer and catalyst for change through mobilizing the support needed to achieve the campus outcomes entailed within their Monthly Mission. They will also likely have the opportunity to lobby various decision makers and engage in advocacy type activities!
  • They are excited to work in non-traditional social impact driven position where they are not tied to fixed position roles and responsibilities, but instead following Ignite's lean impact and nimble-startup approach; where their outcomes may shift monthly and they're able to adapt and iterate their approach based on what's needed to achieve their campus's Monthly Mission! The exciting part of being part of the Ignite fam? Position titles don't equate to traditional job responsibilities -things change quickly, as too could your role!
  • They usually have the chance to join 1-2 other Changemakers at their University to GTD (Get Things Done!)

How much time would you invest?

  • On average, probably less than 10 hours a month. Unless, of course, you want to become more actively involved! 


  • Passionate about mental health and helping improve others' lives 
  • Interested in devising out of the box strategies to achieve their monthly mission
  • Great at, and interested in creating and maintaining relationships with all of the key movers and shakers on your campus; you're able to strike a conversation with anybody and maintain good relationships
  • Growth mindset, hungry to learn and apply new skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills  
  • Comfortable with uncertainty, ambiguity, inefficient processes, lack of structure and pivots in strategy and outcomes (welcome to startup life!!). Excited to jump into a variety of activities in many different functional areas needed to achieve Monthly Missions (outcomes)


  • Leadership or other relevant experience 
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities  

Our ambition is to help build organizations, movements and products —unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health.

Are you in?  
NB: This position is at a non-profit mental health organization and is non-compensated. Ignite Mental Health is a non-profit organization founded and run by Harvard students and incubated by the Harvard Innovation Labs VIP program. We are not a department of, nor owned or operated by Harvard University.

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