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Guitar Instructor

The Jerry Evans School of Music is a rapidly growing school looking for a very friendly, hard working, and professional guitar instructor who is able to teach through at least an advanced high school level on electric and acoustic guitar, as well as ukulele. The ability to teach classical or bass guitar is a plus.This instructor will start with approximately 24-27 hours of students per week with the goal of growing to teach at least 30-32 hours of students (at 5-6 days a week). At our current growth rate, we project that this could be accomplished within the next year. At the mark of 30-32 hours of lessons per week, the guitar instructor will make approximately $45,000 to $50,000 per year. The guitar instructor position is designed to be a full time teaching position that will require full time effort. The job will not be easy or average, but will actually be challenging, yet will be extremely rewarding. Guitar instructors who are looking for a small side job need not apply. Our ideal candidate is interested in helping to grow the guitar program to reach that number of students. Candidates should have 2+ years of guitar teaching experience, performance experience, and be comfortable teaching classical, pop, rock, jazz & more.
In just over four years, the Jerry Evans School of Music has grown to about 280 students and is receiving great reviews from both parents and students! Lessons take place at our school, conveniently located in Downtown Wheaton. We strive to develop a culture of music in the families of our students.
Our goal at the Jerry Evans School of Music is to find each student's "Passion Center" (what makes them excited about music, i.e. why they chose their instrument in the first place). Whether that be a style of music or a performing goal for their future, we value our students' goals and make them our own. In this way, each student becomes passionate about practicing and is able to keep a goal in mind. We also prioritize teaching students the proper fundamentals/technique so that they are equipped to reach their goals. With a balance of these two values, we see a high success rate and get to observe significant growth in each student. Our ideal guitar instructor will be able to teach each student in the different styles they prefer (Classical, Jazz, Rock, & Pop) and help each student reach their individual goals.
The Jerry Evans School of Music highly values excellence. Each instructor, including the guitar instructor, has at least a Bachelor's degree, if not a Master's degree, in music, and works hard to make sure each of their students succeeds to the best of their ability.
In addition to private lessons, the Jerry Evans school of Music also offers Rock Band Classes, a young kids program from ages 0-5 (Mini Musicians) and a Children's Choir for ages 6-11. We have Rock Shows for the Fall and Spring semesters where the students get additional performing opportunities either with fellow students or by themselves. Teachers are expected to organize their own recitals, and coach band classes as needed.
We would love to have you be a part of our team here at the Jerry Evans School of Music, and we look forward to meeting you! Please call our admin at 630-359-7725 to set up an interview, and please submit the following to complete your application:
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Four references (name, phone number and email). (3 of your most recent employers in chronological order starting with the most recent, as well as 1 recent teacher)
*Please note that in person applications will not be considered.*